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Friday, August 7, 2015

a little segway into the garden

our stay at the broadmoor included a fairly substantial room credit that we were able to use anywhere on the resort - shops, spa, dining, bar.  not to mention, all gratuities were covered by our hosts.  pretty sweet deal, yeah?  we were totally feeling the VIP status on this vacay, which was pretty fantastic.  a girl could get used to this (although she better not, heh).

since we had a fairly early wake-up call for our saturday morning excursion, we decided to order room service for breakfast.  do you ever find that when you have a really big dinner, you wake up the next morning absolutely starving?  because after gorging on that amazing buffet the night before, my stomach was grumbling and growling like it hadn't been fed in ages.  sheesh.

our table was delivered promptly and efficiently, just as we'd already grown accustomed to at this place.

the hub's breakfast quesadilla looked good:

and i'd opted for the brioche french toast.

i always ask for V8 whenever i see it on a menu, because it's delicious.

we got downstairs with a little time to spare before our shuttle picked us up, so we browsed in the gift shop and i eyed the rack of lilly pulitzer garb.  this ain't no target merchandise, it's the real thing.

our destination was the garden of the gods, a national natural landmark where you can hike, bike, climb rocks, have a picnic, and check out the visitor center.

you also have the option of doing a nature walk or touring the park in a jeep or on a segway.  guess which one we were doing?

it was pretty fun to whiz around the park on that thing.  despite having been on one before, i was a little nervous at first.  but after a little while, it got easier and i relaxed a little (even though the hub said i still looked super stiff and scared, ha).  and the scenery was beautiful.

 we managed to get one decent shot of the two of us, too.

when we got back to the resort, we headed upstairs and snuck in a quick catnap before going back out for another adventure.  after all, it was our only full day in colorado...might as well make the most of it, right?

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