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Monday, August 3, 2015

more mountain madness

we started out our day in yosemite with a lovely breakfast in the formal dining room. apparently the strict dress code applies only for dinner.

the bean was pretty stoked to be handed one of these while she waited for the grub. 

not a bad view to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, amirite?

afterwards, we took a stroll through the grounds to get some fresh air and found these fun seats to relax in for a bit. 

then it was time to check out of our fabulous hotel and hit the road again. on our way out we stopped to take in our majestic surroundings one last time. 

remember folks...

it was a pretty short drive to mammoth - well, compared to the rest of the driving we'd been doing. and we just managed to make it here just before the sandwich bar closed for the day:

we loaded up on treats before heading out to find our home for the night. 

tunnels are my favorite. 

one of my only requirements in this area was that we stop in the village and reenact a scene from a few years before:

well, and grab one of these:

this time, she was old enough to play the games that are set out for visitors. 

just a few minutes more in the car and we were at our hotel. 

it cracks me up hoe much the bean adores staying in hotels. just like her sister used to. 

she and MIL disappeared for a couple of hours to play miniature golf, just outside our room. 

we capped off the day with an easy dinner. 

seems like the never ending road trip, huh? you know how we do it - pack as much activity in as possible. it's more fun that way. 

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