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Thursday, August 13, 2015

the (nike) suite life

you know how much i love a fun outing, right?  especially free ones, ha!  so when i came across this tweet from nike:

i was like, sign me up!  i didn't even know what it was, but whatever - i was sure it would be something cool.  i mean, it's nike after all.  i clicked onto the link, picked a day and time and hit "submit."  a little while later, i received my confirmation email.

but then the old lady got her work schedule and it just so happened that she had an early shift at work on the day of my appointment.  and with the bean in texas, we figured that it was a great day to hit disneyland and ride the rides that we love but she doesn't.  and so i figured i'd just cancel the appointment and free up my spot for someone else.

we were sitting around in the colorado springs airport when i got a call from the nike suite to confirm my appointment.  i told them that i actually needed to cancel it after all, and figured i'd ask if there were any cancellations for the day before.  couldn't hurt to try, right?  and it just so happened that she found an appointment that had been made by some guy online who didn't realize that the event was geared towards women.  she told me she'd give me that slot, and then said "and did you need the car service?"


she explained that as part of the one-on-one appointment, nike was offering to send a car to pick me up, take me to the suite at the staples center, and then take me back home again.  um, DUH.  i get to kick back and let someone else handle driving me to downtown l.a. in traffic?  yes, please!

check out my sweet ride:

that's george, my driver for the afternoon.  he'd texted me to see if he could pick me up a little early to allow for the traffic that we would inevitably hit, and since i was just hanging out doing not much of anything, i said yes.  he was really friendly and polite, and offered me water and mints in the car.

and of course, we hit zero traffic heading to the west side.  none at all.  in fact, we were half an hour early for my appointment.  since they weren't ready for me yet, george drove me to a nearby starbucks drive-thru.  too bad i didn't actually get anything to drink though, because we sat in the line for a ridiculous amount of time before swinging right back out and heading back up to staples center. oh well.  i didn't really care, because it was time for my one-on-one appointment!

i was greeted at the door by jasmeet, who walked me into the suite and chatted a bit about my current fitness routine and goals.  she told me that i was welcome to take as many pictures as i wanted, and i took full advantage.  apparently, the nike suite is a permanent fixture at the staples center, but it's usually geared more towards guys and basketball.  this women's version was just a temporary pop-up style deal.

i actually hate slogans like this, because they just sound super douchey.

aren't these super cute?  i love the colors.

and look - i had my own little rack with my name on it and clothing picked out in my size for me to try on:

i headed into the fitting room and had my own little personal fashion show.

i know i look super ridiculous in this hoodie, but i actually kind of liked it a lot.

and this top is a winner.  perfect for barre.

and yes - those are most definitely hammer pants i have on with it.  they look utterly insane, but i have to admit that they're incredibly comfortable.  i don't know where i'd wear them - i'd probably be too embarrassed to rock 'em in public anywhere, and i'm not about to drop $70 on pants for lounging around the house.  maybe they'll go on clearance sometime soon - you know, like after they're sitting around in their warehouse for ages and they realize that nobody really wants to bring hammer pants back.

when i was all done trying on clothes, i put mine back on and headed to the other half of the suite.

as i eyed the treadmill, jasmeet explained the differences between the shoes and handed me a fun new pair of socks for me to keep and wear for my run analysis.

she handed me a pair of neutral shoes to wear and had me get on the treadmill to get some video footage of me as i ran.

i got to try three pairs of shoes on - the nike free flyknit 4.0:

nike air zoom pegasus 32:

and these monsters, with the most cushioning i've ever felt in a pair of nikes.  i don't even remember which model they were.

i really like these.  so pretty.

jasmeet handed me this form to fill out for more swag - a customized tank top in black or white with whichever logo i liked on either the front or back.

then i got to choose a flavor of juice while i waited for my tank to be ready.  i went for the green one, in case you were wondering.

and then it was over.  as she gave me a goodbye hug, jasmeet handed me a bag with my swag in it and told me to come visit her at the nike running store at the grove.  checking out the contents on the drive home, i pulled this little folio out:

and found a nice handwritten note along with a $20 credit at nike.com.

there was a coupon for a free 2-week trial with classpass, a membership deal where you get to try all sorts of fitness class at participating studios for a monthly fee that's probably equivalent to that at one of said studios.

my tank was inside too, along with the current nike women's catalog.

i even managed to get home in time to catch the last barre class of the day.  talk about a day full of win.

oh, hey - here's that video of my run analysis.  haha!


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