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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

food, naps and photos

we slept in a little on our first morning in jackson hole, and the bean was stoked when we told her she could order room service for breakfast.  the menu was pretty simple, but included this bowl of greek yogurt with french vanilla granola and hazelnuts and pecans that i really enjoyed.

when we went outside to the car, we found it covered in snow from the storm the night before.  the bean thought it was the most fun thing ever to draw things on her window from the outside.

it was really cold, but it was a beautiful day:

we managed to find a starbucks in town that was attached to a clothing store and also a fun toy store down in the basement.  i love how my kid manages to find squishies everywhere.

she liked this puppet too, but i just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on it.

back upstairs, she picked up a pin and stuck it in the map somewhere near home:

because we were somehow woefully unprepared for the cold and snow, we stopped in one of the other shops to pick up some gear.  the bean and i scored on some cute boots on sale, plus gloves and beanies.  and then outside, we stopped for some fun touristy shots.

as we drove around a little more, we decided to pull into the national elk reserve and drive on the road as far as it would let us.  while all the elk were out in the middle of the meadow, we did manage to find lots and lots of bighorn sheep.

by the time we drove out and back, we were hungry again.  seems like all we did on this trip was drive and eat...which isn't a bad thing.  with this fun-looking historic spot closed for renovations:

we ended up next door instead, here:

the bean's steak frites:

my crab cake salad:

and the hub opted for that day's special. meatloaf with a cup of hot soup.

we were amused to see the gross "roadcicles" that had collected on the car after driving through all the dirt and snow.  ewwwww.

we went back to the hotel to walk around the grounds a bit and then grab a little catnap in our room before dinner.

and then we drove back into town for more food.  we ended up at gather:

the pork buns came highly recommended, so we started with those.  and they were indeed pretty tasty.

and the hub decided to try a glass of "moose drool," which sounded pretty heinous.  he said it was really good, though.

the bean went big and tried their house fried chicken with savory pancakes.

i had the grilled ribeye:

and i totally don't remember what the hub ordered, but  this was the day's special.

the best part?  because it was a tuesday, we got to take advantage of their 2-for-1 entree special.  sweet.

gotta love lazy vacation days, right?

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