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Friday, April 13, 2018

taming the mop

we interrupt the road trip recaps with breaking news...

i finally took the bean for her haircut!

the before:

it was our first time at this salon, which is really just down the street and around the corner from our house.  it's small, and all of the stylists are asian - which was a little surprising to find in our area.  and they have the sweetest salon mascot ever:

that's charlie, a shih tzu/poodle mix who scampered right up to us for some pets and love.  he's adorable.

a few snips later, and there was this:

and then the poor stylist was tasked with blowdrying the bean's whole head...which if you've ever seen her in person you'll know is no small task.  this kid has the thickest hair ever, and it took lots of sectioning to get it done.

meanwhile, charlie kept watch and got up to bark at everyone who dared walk past.

after the hair was dry, some light layers got cut in and then a few last snips with her standing up.

we took off probably 3 inches or so, which doesn't sound like much but her hair looks so fresh and healthy now, and she loves it.

bye charlie!  see you in a couple of months or so!

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