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Friday, August 9, 2019

90210 fan 4 lyfe

by now, if you were a 90210 fan, you'll probably have watched the first episode of the not-a-reboot BH90210.  i actually watched it on the very night it aired, which is a rare thing for me, but that's how much i wanted to see it.  i think because i knew they were doing a weird twist on their real lives rather than returning to their fictional characters, i was able to enjoy it and be entertained by the whole thing.

a couple of weeks ago, the show posted that they were doing a temporary pop-up of the peach pit in hollywood.  and they weren't kidding when they said "temporary," because it only lasted for three days.  you had to be lucky enough to snag a reservation on the website they posted to get in, and they were doing lunch and an "after dark" cocktail hour - for free.  i came across it 57 minutes after they posted it and it was completely sold out...bummer.  i did manage to book a spot for the "after dark" portion, but later realized that those reservations were just for the person booking it and didn't include a plus-one.  add to that the fact that the spot i got was for a thursday at 7:00 way out in west hollywood, and that pretty much meant a no-go for me.  i ended up cancelling the reservation and knew i was going to be feeling some serious FOMO about it.  oh well.

i kept an eye on their instagram posts though, and when they said that they were also going to accept walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis i decided to see if i could talk the old lady and her special friend into going with me.  not surprisingly, he opted out but she didn't, and so we headed out to the west side on saturday morning.  the hours were 11-4, and i figured we'd have a better shot at getting in if we arrived early.

when we got off the freeway, waze took us past this upcoming pop-up that looks scary as hell.  this is definitely not something we'll be returning for.

the old lady was driving, and so when we rolled up to the peach pit and saw that there was already quite a long line of folks hoping to get in, i hopped out while she went off in search of a parking spot.  i forgot to take a picture of the line when i first got into it, but this was after about an hour of waiting:

we'd arrived around 10:30, and with the west hollywood parking situation offering just two hours of street parking the old lady headed back to the car to move it when it got to be about 12:15.  better safe than sorry, and she managed to find a spot just two spaces ahead of where she'd parked it the first time.  and by the time she got back to the line, we were just one party away from crossing the street and joining the queue for entrance to the restaurant.

it was right around the 2-hour mark when we finally got to this point:

i was super excited, and the cafe looked really cute.  not exactly like the peach pit as depicted on the show, but close enough.  i hadn't realized that a big chunk of it was outdoors - and it was a pretty hot, sunny socal summer day.  yikes.

the staffers were friendly and enthusiastic, and when it was our turn to be seated i was really excited to find that we were being escorted inside - where the a/c was cranking.  yay!

our server came over to take our order, and i figured i'd earned one of the mini chocolate milkshakes.

the walls behind us were covered in framed photos from the show.

these stickers adorned the door behind us.

and of course, a promo for the upcoming not-a-reboot.

we were super amused when our "megaburgers" were served.  we weren't really sure of what to expect - especially for free - so the tiny (but very tasty) slider-sized burger and fries was a fun surprise.

it didn't take us too long to eat our food, and after tipping our server we hopped off of those barstools and went through the doorway behind us to check out the photo ops.

there were lots of those framed photos on the walls.

and i didn't need to use the restroom, but i went in anyway to see if there was anything in there. 

outside, i found this:

and the booths outside were decorated as well.  one of them had a little tribute to our beloved luke perry.

the old lady declined this photo op, but was happy to snap one for me.

and then as we headed back to the car, we found ourselves driving past it one more time.  not to worry, i was indeed driving but the old lady took this for me.

i saw yesterday that the pop-up was so successful and still in high demand since the show aired, so they teamed up with the folks who put together the saved by the max pop-up to extend it.  so it'll reopen sometime next week, i think, and this time the tickets are for sale starting at 10am today.  i'm wondering if they'll charge the same price they did at the SBTB one, because if that's the case they're definitely going to need to expand the menu.

i...kinda wanna go again.  i may or may not have a friend who's going to try and snag tickets.  after all, the extension goes through our birthday month.  i guess we'll just have to see what happens!

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