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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

look out world, the bean is in junior high

i have lots of other stuff to recap, but first...

this was yesterday after the bean finished up junior high orientation.  it was for students only, no parents allowed, and they got to meet their teachers and go through the motions of changing classes, plus taking care of locker setup.  i didn't get to take any other pictures, but i did manage to get this one, with one of her oldest and dearest friends:

i was lowkey excited when she reminded me yesterday to update the ol' chalkboard that we've been using on the first and last days of school.  because, after all, she's in junior high now and i had no idea whether or not she was still going to let me continue that tradition.  and so after she got herself and teddy tucked into bed for the night, i pulled it out and found the chalk and got to work.

this morning, i went to barre and got back to find her already fully dressed and playing with the dogs.  i knew she was a little nervous for the first day, but she seemed to be calm and ready to take it on.  i think orientation did its job to help get some of those jitters out, and she was totally happy to pick up the chalkboard and pose for my annual photo.

when she asked me if it was okay if she asked her daddy to take her to school, i think she thought i was going to be bummed about it.  she'd had him take her to orientation, and i admit i got my nose a little out of joint for that one, but can i tell you?  i HATE driving to school on the first day of the year.  the parking lot is always a mess, it's insanely crowded with every new kindergartener's entire family present to watch their precious walk into school on their first day (of course, i was one of those twice upon a time so whatever), and i knew the bean wasn't going to want to take any pictures anyway.  so i was actually really relieved to be let off of that hook.  not to mention, i had plans for the annual first day of school breakfast with some of my favorite mom friends and i really needed to get cleaned up after barre.  heh.

we had a great time as we always do, and even remembered to snag a group shot before parting ways for the day.

i can't believe the bean is in junior high.  and i can't believe the school year has begun.  we had a fantastic summer, and even got an extra week compared to other years, but man...the time went by SO fast.  and now we're just a couple weeks away from birthday princess month, and you know what that means...it'll be my birthday, then the bean's, then halloween, then thanksgiving, then christmas and OMG the year is already over.  holy crap.


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