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Monday, December 9, 2019

family photo shoot, 2019 edition

a couple of weeks ago, we had our annual family photo shoot.  we've learned that doing the "mini" sessions are what works best for us - besides, if we can't get a couple of good shots from 25-30 minutes of posing, it just ain't gonna happen anyway.

we decided to try something different this year, though.  instead of the usual outdoor location, we signed up for a session through one of our favorite photographers at a space in pomona called the electric loft.  it's a gorgeous venue that's on the second floor of a building in the arts district, with lots of windows and natural light and brick walls and wood floors.  it's used for photo shoots like this and is also often booked for private parties and weddings.  i was excited to do something new, and when everyone balked at my idea of doing matching pajamas (which is also something we've never done!), we went in the opposite direction and showed up in formal dress.

also new this year:  the puppies.  we were all amazed at how well-behaved they were for the duration of the shoot, sitting quietly and even allowing our photographers to catch them both in at least a couple of great shots.  this is the one we didn't use on the christmas card:

later on i realized that the only shots we actually got of all of us together were sitting on this bench.  while this one also didn't make the cut for the card and probably won't be printed and framed on the wall, it's one of my favorites from the day.

everyone except the hub got a solo picture:

 and this one of the girls is a favorite too.

the hub and i got individual shots with each of the girls:

 and a couple of the two of us.

since we were inside and my dress was floor length anyway, i was barefoot throughout the session.  it made things easier for me, and so that's also why the girls both look taller than me in our photos together.

this may very well be my favorite photo session yet...aside from last year's with our sweet molly.  how things have changed in just a year.

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