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Thursday, December 5, 2019

possibly the final bridal twirl

no, really.  and not due to lack of interest!  definitely not that.

i've noticed over the last few months that my clothes are fitting a little differently - not really in a bad way, just different.  and when i complain about it the old lady always tells me that it's most likely because of all the rowing we've been doing at orangetheory.  "you're getting buffer, mom," she says.  i mean...i don't know about that, but i do know that clothes that i used to put on a year ago are a little snugger in some areas and looser in others.  it's weird.  is that because i'm (getting) old?  who knows.

after our wan-niversary dinner last night i went into the closet and pulled the ol' dress out to do my annual twirl.  i took it off the hanger, unzipped it and stepped in.  fastened the elastic belt around my waist, reached around to zip it shut - and barely got halfway up.  now, this wouldn't really be much cause for concern because i've always had trouble being able to reach back there to get it done, but this time was definitely different.  i enlisted the hub's help and guys...he damn near had to put his foot on my back to get it zipped up.  i was almost at the point of giving up when he finally got it.  yikes.

just know that i'm taking very short, shallow breaths here:

the last time we had trouble getting it zipped up we noticed that part of the zipper was actually busting loose from the seam.  i didn't look at it very closely for fear of crying, but i'm pretty sure the gap has widened after last night's try-on session.

with all of that said, here is what is very possibly the very last time i get to do my annual wan-niversary bridal twirl:

do you love the black socks underneath?  heh.  it was cold and rainy last night, so i wore knee-high socks with my boots under the skirt i put on for dinner.  pretty.

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