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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

finishing up family funday

so after the friends extravaganza we spent a little more time browsing through the stores.  at urban outfitters the bean found something to add to her pathetically short wish list.  this cute little stuffed corgi puppy's ears wiggle when you pet his head, and as much as i hate to admit it...it was adorable.

we ended up stopping for lunch at cheesecake factory, and because she was in the middle of being grounded from using her phone for anything besides contacting us, she was SOOOOOOO BORED.

after we were done with lunch, we hopped back into the car and headed over to the l.a. convention center for "skidazzle," where you could find all things ski and snowboard.  the old lady's special friend met up with us at that point, since he's the only actual snowboarder in the group.

there were booths representing all sorts of ski resorts throughout the western united states there, and with subaru being a major sponsor of the event they had a big display there as well.

but we found that nearly half of the floor space was devoted to this huge sale of all kinds of snow gear - jackets, pants, hoodies, beanies, goggles, gloves, you name it.

the hub and the bean and i found ourselves in the middle of a snowball fight at one point, which was pretty funny.  a few people were walking around just tossing out these little squishy "snowballs," and everyone was having a blast catching and throwing them everywhere.  i guess you can't really see it in this picture, but it was a good time.

once we'd gotten our fill of all things ski and snowboard, we made our way to pasadena to try something we'd all been following on instagram for awhile.  there's a little cafe on arroyo parkway called miss cheese tea, and along with the typical specialty milk tea and boba drinks they're known for fluffy, jiggly japanese-style soufflé pancakes.  the bean ordered some sort of nutella milk tea concoction:

and i went with one of the cheese foam and oreo crumble-topped drinks.  before you turn your nose up at the cheese foam, it's some kind of fluffy treat made with cream cheese that adds a really nice flavor to the drink.

the bean never met a crepe cake she didn't like.  this one was their signature mille crepes, layers of light creamy custard sandwiched between thin, chewy crepes.  it was really good.

i'd ordered two of the soufflé' pancakes to share with the group - one topped with nutella and the other with strawberries.

while the drinks weren't really all that, i'd definitely go back for those pancakes.  they were fluffy and perfect, and surprisingly, everyone liked them as much as i did.

later, while the hub headed off to the lounge, the rest of us went out to dinner somewhere new - gyu-kaku japanese bbq.  while this place is a chain that's been around awhile, none of us had ever been there and with the bean always down for some sort of asian food, it seemed like a good time to give it a shot.  there were lots of different kinds of meats to choose from, plus veggies and rice and a really tasty cheesy corn side dish.  i think the bean still prefers korean bbq, but everyone was full and happy by the end of the meal.  it also helped that we got to make s'mores for dessert.

we sure do know how to pack a day full of fun, don't we?

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