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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

fourteen years

and since day one, he's been there for me for all sorts of things.

like helping me when i can't reach my shoes:

or wiping my tears away (or sweat, because let's face it...it's me):

maybe i just needed him to listen to me vent.

or simply hold my hand in a quiet show of support.

he's always there for me whenever i need him, and even when i don't...heh.  he gets a front row seat for all my crazy, and while he might roll his eyes or not-so-silently judge some of my decisions, i know he's always going to support me in whatever i do.  or don't do.  and hopefully he knows that i'm there for him in exactly the same way.  there's no one else i'd want to go on this rollercoaster ride with than him, and i love the adventure we've shared so far.  

happy anniversary to my love!  and don't worry...bridal twirl to come.  that's if i can still fit into the dress.  you just never know.

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