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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

keeping up our fitness

working out at home during this lockdown really hasn't been all that bad.  there are actually way more pros than cons to it, especially with my rather anti-social/introvert tendencies.  the barre classes via zoom have been awesome, and i was really happy to hear that the studio plans to continue them even after they reopen.

i'm liking the new space i have in the house for workouts, too.

while the bean still grumbles when i drag her out to do our cize sessions, we're usually giggling and having a great time by the end.  and it cracks me up when she flails extra dramatically, which i try to encourage because it burns more calories.  heh.

the hub decided to toss out a challenge for the month of june for the whole family - the old lady and her special friend included.  whoever gets the most steps until july 2nd (because we didn't actually start till june 2) wins a prize of their choice...which has been quite the motivation for all of us.  the bean has been working extra hard to get those steps in, and we've all been taking advantage of having a mostly empty house.  there's a great "track" if you circle the island in the kitchen and make your way over to the living room and circle the oven that's still sitting in the center of the room (because the installers don't have an opening for us until next week).  while we have room in the back yard - and the hub has figured out that a lap around our block is right around half a mile - i like to power walk inside because it's getting really hot outside and it's nice and air conditioned inside.  heh.  and i discovered virtual walks around disneyland on youtube...which made for a fun 5K one day.

yup - a whole 5K, right inside the house.  crazy.  and it's been really funny watching the bean and her daddy try to beat each other's steps at the end of the day - last night they had a whole dance party in the house and i just stood there and laughed and laughed because it was so ridiculous.

and we added something really fun to the household - an inversion table!  while we were all a little scared of it when it arrived, i think we've all become big fans of it.  the bean and i are usually tag-teaming it as we buckle in and flip ourselves upside down.  and we added the accessories pack to our order that included a vibration pillow that turns the thing into a massage...pretty fabulous.

we've got a few other pieces of exercise equipment for the little gym too...and i'm wondering if we're even going to have room for it all once we're ready to move it all in.  yikes.

gyms are finally cleared to open again at the end of this week.  i'm not really feeling like i want to be in group classes just yet, so those zoom barre classes will still be part of my routine.  orangetheory has posted that they're trying to finalize their plan that will get then approved to reopen, but i don't really want to return to those classes just yet either.  too much equipment and too much switching around and still somewhat close proximity to other people who are sweating and breathing hard and...yeah, no.  not yet.  i'm hoping they'll give us the option to extend the freeze on our account until...well.  i don't know yet.  i don't know what the answer is.

until then...home gym it is!  woohoo!

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