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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

the old lady just keeps getting older

this girl right here is 26 today!

it's been a really weird year for her, since she ended up on FUNemployment just days after the pandemic began.  while it's becoming a transition period for her as she hunts for a new job, i've really enjoyed having the extra time with her.  our relationship has shifted somewhat since she's a grown adult now instead of being a child that still requires parenting, and she really is my best friend.  i can always count on her to give it to me straight, offer an honest opinion or help keep me on the right track.  hell, half the time she's more mature than i am (half?  ha).  and she's (almost) always down to join me on an adventure, which is super fun.

happy birthday to my baby!  i love her so much and i'm so proud of the amazing woman she's become.  and now, enjoy a bunch of super random photos of our shenanigans - although most of them feature her holding something because that's just the way she rolls.

love you so much!

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