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Friday, July 15, 2022

eating at the parks

the girls and i had reservations for disneyland one day, and rather than getting up early to go we decided to take our time and head out in the afternoon.  there are benefits and bummers about going that late, like all the electric car charging spots (which are on the ground floor of the parking structure and a pretty short walk to the security checkpoint and tram boarding area) are typically taken and finding decent parking that doesn't involve walking a country mile is very hit-or-miss.  but then getting through security and grabbing seats on the tram is a breeze:

once inside the park, we headed over to the tropical hideaway for some snacks.  the bean ordered the dole whip swirl in mango and watermelon:

the pb&j mochi was a must-try, and it didn't disappoint.  the mochi has a creamy peanut butter filling, and then it's drizzled with raspberry sauce and topped with peanut butter dust.  really yummy, and got the stamp of approval from all three of us.

this was the loco moco bao, filled with ground beef, egg and chunks of spam served with a side of mushroom gravy.  also quite delicious.

at galaxy's edge, i found a stormtrooper and took this really cheesy looking selfie.  i don't even know why i'm sharing it, i look like such a dork.

we were pretty stoked to finally get to visit oga's cantina together.  the old lady had been before with her cousin, but this was the first time for me and the bean.

so i'm not 100% positive that i remember what we ordered, but i'm fairly certain that this was the oga's obsession - lemonade with cotton candy syrup and blueberry popping boba.

this is a glass of blue bantha milk topped with a crazy looking cookie, but i don't remember if it's spiked or not.  i guess it doesn't really matter.

the bartender recommended the "yub nub" - malibu rum, spiced rum, citrus juice and passionfruit.  i remember not loving it, but passionfruit isn't my favorite flavor.  oh well.

and the bean loved the "moogan tea," made with unsweetened tea mixed with chocolate milk with vanilla and cinnamon, topped with vanilla whipped cream and cinnamon toast crunch cereal.  it sounds like a crazy concoction, but i took a sip and for some reason it really did work.

we never turn down a good charcuterie plate.  not even on batuu.

once we emerged from the cantina, we found that the line for millennium falcon: smugglers run wasn't too long.  

do you love the turning red-themed backpack?  it's one of our favorite movies, and merchandise isn't easy to come by so we scooped this up when we saw it.

we crossed over into california adventure a little while later and headed to pacific wharf for dinner.  yes, even more food.  this is their shrimp roll, made with cajun-spiced mayo with onion and celery and served with a bag of chips.

the kids opted for soup served in one of their fresh sourdough bread bowls.  we love bread.

and since the wait times for pretty much everything were all way too long for our liking, we called it a day after dinner.  we'd managed to stroll through both parks, have some good grub and soaked in some disney magic.  not too bad for one afternoon, 

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