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Friday, July 1, 2022

getting to the point

so with the hyatt lake tahoe, i was 2 for 2 in finding peloton bikes in hotels.  and again, not just one or even two of them - a whole row of EIGHT bikes.  with just me in the whole fitness center.  woohoo!

it was just slightly less high-tech than the conrad, but pretty much equally well-stocked.

after my workout, i headed back upstairs to our room.  there really wasn't much of a view from our balcony, but we did have these lovely chairs that would have made for a great spot to enjoy one's morning coffee.

the hub had done a little research on his phone to figure out where we could go next, and he seemed pretty stoked about what he'd found for us.  we'd said that it would be fun to explore a little and go somewhere we'd never been before, so i was excited to see what he'd come up with.  

we stopped into the hotel's coffee shop for our caffeine fix before hopping into the truck and starting the next leg of our road trip.

as we made our way around the lake, we crossed the border and found ourselves back in our home state.

we made a quick stop at the bridge to take pictures to share with the ILs, because this used to be one of their favorite places for fishing trips.

it was a really scenic drive that day, and we went through all kinds of weather from bright sunny skies to drizzle and heavy rain and even spotted a bit of snow.

almost six hours later, we arrived at our destination.  point arena lighthouse is along the mendocino coast and offers a bed & breakfast in the form of cottages that used to house the families who used to be in charge of maintain and running the lighthouse.  the hub had managed to score the head keeper's house for the night, and it was really nice and spacious.  we had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a full kitchen, living room and a patio in the back.

we decided to head into the tiny town of point arena in search of snacks in the local market, which was like a tiny version of whole foods.  it was well-stocked with lots of vegan and natural and organic products.  and at the pier we found dinner - the menu was pretty basic and nothing particularly outstanding, but it was solid and filling and we had a lovely view as we ate.

back at the hotel, we found a bottle of wine and started a fire and hung out on the couch watching tv before going to bed.

it was comfy and cozy and warm, and we all fell asleep to the sound of the rain falling outside.  so nice.

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