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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

even MORE k-pop

the bean was pretty excited when i told them that i was able to score tickets for twice, which is one of their other favorite k-pop groups.  the group is made up of nine female members, and we've listened to their music together a lot in the last couple of years.  the concert was at the banc of california stadium, which we'd never been to before.  and as we found out later, it was the group's first stadium performance too, so it was bound to be a fun show.  the hub drove us down there and dropped us off before heading off to hang out at a cigar lounge nearby, and it was warm and bustling with activity when we arrived.

there was a pretty long line for merchandise, but you know we had to get something.  we'd given ourselves plenty of time, and the line actually moved pretty fast so it wasn't too bad.  and we got a glimpse of the coliseum as we made our way through.

with merchandise in hand, we finally headed into the venue to find our seats and get settled.

the show was fully sold out and we were surrounded by lots of mega fans, which is always entertaining.  there were costumes and light sticks and signs, and people were super excited when the ladies finally made their entrance onstage.

the bean has one of their official light sticks as well, and they waved it along with the other fans as the group performed song after song.

the girls took a final bow together onstage, and then we were all treated to fireworks before leaving the arena.

with no news on whether BTS will be touring again anytime soon, we're now awaiting updates on a possible tour from blackpink.  i guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next.  in the meantime, the bean already has their lightstick at the ready.

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  1. Feel free to delete, as i don't know if they want attention drawn to it, but i noticed the updated pronouns and just wanted to say hooray for supportive Moms and for Beans who can be themselves! All the best to you and the Bean.


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