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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

lady whistledown would approve

this year for mother's day, the old lady and the bean and i headed back to the biltmore for something super fun:

the tea was set up in the room we'd seen the last time we were there for the bridgerton experience, and it looked really lovely.

i was allowed just one selfie before we headed downstairs to check in and be seated.

there was a really nice selection of flavored teas, and we opted to try them all in whichever order our server suggested.  

the amuse bouche consisted of a "spiced pineapple flummery," and you know i wasn't really all about it but it was pretty.  the old lady took the fruit off the top of mine and i found that the cream underneath was really tasty, so it was still a win in my book.

the rest of our tea was served in this pretty little three-tiered tray.  there were freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream and pieces of queen's cake on top, with sweets on the second tier.  there was a pistachio cake, a rose-flavored macaron, a piece of chocolate cake, a meringue-topped fruit tart and a lilac petit four.  and the savory sandwiches included salmon on pumpernickel with a dollop of caviar, a chicken tartelette with truffle essence, an egg salad sandwich, ham & cheese and of course, a cucumber sandwich made with boursin cheese.

we got the server to take a better picture of us afterwards, and yes - i am wearing the same dress i wore to the bridgerton experience and the bean is taller than both me and her sister.  heh.

back at home, there were flowers and presents and a sweet card - and then later, dinner by the hub, who did all the shopping, prepping, cooking and cleanup.  

it was a really nice day spent with my family - quiet and relaxing and exactly the way i like it.  happy mother's day, indeed.

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