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Friday, December 2, 2022

a 3-in-1 post

on occasion the hub reps the cigar lounge at CHP golf tournaments with a table at one of the holes, offering free cigars to the players.  the last one was in temecula, and since he had to be there to set up by 7am, we decided to make a quick overnight out of it.  

the toiletries tried a little hard to be cute and funny and instead sounded like they were created by mr. t.

it was a beautiful day and a lovely course, and made for a nice little getaway...not something we get to do very often.

we also got to attend a centennial celebration at the bean's school, which was really nice.  they set up a huge tent outside with tray-passed appetizers, a nice catered meal and student-produced entertainment.

they offered a couple of signature drinks, which were served out of this super cute vintage trailer.

and then later in the evening, there was a dance party in a separate tent with 80s and 90s tunes and none other than richard blade in the DJ booth.  talk about a blast from the past.

the next day, the five of us headed down to santa monica pier for the annual family photo shoot.

after the shoot was over, we made a quick pitstop in the carousel building and reminisced about the bean's first birthday party, way back when.

and i caught a glimpse of the original hot dog on a stick shack - or rather, where it used to be.  the actual original building from the 1940s had recently been demolished and rebuilt.

the photos this year weren't our favorite, but there were a few that we liked enough to use for the christmas card. and that's really the point anyway, so i guess it was a success.  next year we'll pick a less crowded venue, so we can bring the dogs again.  after all, they're part of the family too.

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