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Friday, December 9, 2022

gimme all the caramel sauce

the old lady and i snuck out for another quickie disneyland date one morning for the sole purpose of checking out the holiday decor and enjoying some magical treats.  also, i must say that the unthinkable has happened...

i always swore i'd never give in to the crocs craze, but you know what happens when you say "never," right?  i knew once i saw those pretty, fuzzy pink things with the silly fluffy mickey-shaped jibbitz that i was finally gonna break.  they match the pigs that started flying through the air.  heh.

the disneyland tree was up and in full effect.

look at this super cute starbucks x disney studded cup!  i did buy one, but this time it wasn't for me.  instead, i picked it up for my cup buddy who always hooks me up with the new releases (yeah, i'm one of those people).

knowing that we were going to indulge in at least one or two treats over the next couple of hours, we decided to stop at jolly holiday to have a decent breakfast.  it came in the form of this delicious and very filling bacon & egg croissant, which i highly recommend:

and we washed it down with the seasonal "chimney sweep" cold brew - hickory-smoked syrup, chocolate and caramel sauces, cream and a smoked salty-sugary sprinkle.  i know that sounds like a lot, but it was really delicious.  it rivals the black caf cold brew at galaxy's edge for me, and you KNOW how much i love that drink.

while at jolly holiday, i also managed to get my hands on one of the famous mickey gingerbread cookies.

oh yeah...the castle was fully decorated for the holidays too.

the last thing we snagged before leaving for the day was from refreshment corner on main street - one of their already-delicious cream cheese filled pretzels topped with caramel sauce and candied pecans, plus their new butterscotch soda.

the pretzel was really good, but that soda was not the business.  it seemed like it was trying too hard to match the butterbeer at universal studios, but it fell short.  bummer.

ah, the holidays.  they bring out all the good eats.  

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