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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

heading into hawkins

the next day, we met up with the bean's bestie out in montebello for even more shenanigans:

the "experience" itself lasted for about half an hour, and it was cute and fun and the perfect amount of cheesy.  we had no idea what to expect, which is always good because then hopefully you aren't disappointed.  and since this event is ongoing and travels around to different locations, i won't spoil it for you.  besides, when we checked in we were given explicit instructions not to take pictures or video anyway so i can't even really show you anything.  just know that it was a fun, interactive experience that wasn't too scary.  and we know how much of a chicken i am, so take that as you will.

once our "sleep study" was over, we were led into the second half of our experience that took place in this huge room that was all decked out with fun sets and themed merchandise shops and food kiosks.

there were, of course, lots of fun photo ops.

parked outside were some of the prop vehicles from the show.

the next morning, i was amused when i went into a starbucks and found this straw topper on one of their cups for sale. because who DOESN'T want a mini demogorgon on their coffee cup?

well, me, i guess, since i didn't buy one.  heh.

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