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Thursday, December 17, 2009

bean = snuffleupagus

poor little bean.

i guess i managed to pass on the head cold i'd been wrestling with for the last week, and not really having been sick before, she was struggling when i got home from work yesterday. she had the whole shebang going on - awful congestion, watery eyes, headache. and yet she was still powering through the day like a champ, smiley-faced, cheerful, as happy-go-lucky as ever.

last night was rough, though. she flatly refused to take the liquid meds the hub picked up for her (and it was homeopathic and sans alcohol, so it just tasted like cherry syrup) and had trouble getting comfy enough to fall asleep. poor baby, she just sounded awful.

we ended up awake together at 2:30 this morning, as she wheezed and coughed and tried to breathe normally. i could see her looking at me with wide eyes in the moonlight, and when she noticed that i was awake, she said "hi, mommy, ahluhyou" and snuggled closer. and then she pulled back, made a face, and said "head. hurts." awwwww.

i got up, found her chewable tylenol tablets in the medicine cabinet, and brought them over to her. i told her they were "vitamins," which she loves, and that they would make her head feel better. she took them without protest, chewed through both pills, and promptly fell asleep.

she woke up in a good mood at her usual time, despite having slept through the night in bits and pieces, and requested her chocolate milk like she always does.

she's still watery-eyed and congested, though.

oh, my baby. get-well vibes and happy thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Poor Baby! Sending you and Bri's knee powerful and effective Reiki energy! Lola loves you very much!

  2. Poor baby. :(

    I hope she feels better soon!

  3. {{{{{{{{{get well}}}}}}}}}

    Also sending big hugs to the Bean.

  4. Poor Bean. :( Get well soon!

    I look forward to the day Em can tell us what's bothering her. For now we'll do the "Maybe it's her teeth! Or her ears! Or hamthrax! Or she's constipated!" dance while we run around our condo throwing teething tablets and prunes her way.

  5. ooh..poor baby bean. hope she feels better soon. sending her all my good thoughts and well wishes.

  6. I know EXACTLY how the Bean is feeling right now - I am really working hard at fighting off the same thing.


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