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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

housing for all

i was absolutely enchanted by these tiny gingerbread cookie houses, because after all, i am a sucker. a total and complete sucker. and after reading that blog post and marveling at the cuteness of the pictures, i decided i had to make some. had. to.

but i'm not enough of a glutton for punishment to do it completely from scratch. i still had half a tub of dough left over from decorating cookies with the bean and the teen, plus a tube of ready-made gingerbread dough just chillin' in the fridge. and i always have the ingredients for royal icing in the pantry, so i was good to go. i printed the template from the website onto a piece of cardstock and cut out the pieces:

rolled out some sugar cookie dough on a piece of foil:

and started cutting pieces out with a paring knife.

i'd only cut out about two houses' worth of pieces when the bean decided she was bored and wanted some attention. she hadn't yet had a nap, so i set the stuff aside and snuggled with her on the couch until she fell asleep.

once she was peacefully snoozing under a comfy blanket, i slid off of the couch carefully and went back to work. it was a pain in the ass to cut those pieces out and pull out the excess dough from around them, but i managed. i found that rolling the dough between two pieces of foil and then sticking it in the fridge to firm up again made it easier, though.

i also found that the dough puffed up considerably in the oven and lost most of its shape. eff. i ended up having to re-cut the pieces using the templates after pulling them out of the oven. gah!

but by the time i got to the final sheet of baked foundation pieces, i was over it. i trimmed enough to make the doorways and left the rest of them as-is.

i mixed up the "cement" and put it in a ziploc, and then snipped a corner off.

gluing the pieces together was pretty easy, and they fit together perfectly. whee!

not too bad, right?

i looked at the website again, and when i compared the originals to my sad little attempts, it was like driving from millionaire row into shantytown. oh, well. in no time, i had a entire village of little ghetto cookie houses lined up on my tray.

once they were all assembled, i started decorating to make them a little more festive-looking.

they looked a little better than before, right?

before we scooted out to christmas eve service at church, i perched one on the rim of a coffee mug to see how it fit. and then i squealed and clapped my hands with glee at my handiwork. dork.

after church, i scurried into the kitchen to grab something, turned around - and then the unthinkable happened:

i yelped so loudly that the teen came running out. "you knocked them all over, didn't you?" thank goodness it was just one casualty - not the entire dozen. that would have sucked in the biggest way. my little village was still mostly intact.

after that, i got and stayed out of the kitchen before i did any more damage. sheesh.


  1. ha! love your account of the mini house experience. i love mini.

    i keep saying i'm going to build a model for school out of edibles, but i haven't actually done it yet.

  2. how cute!!

    p.s. i just caught up on google reader and read your other posts -- sorry for the lack of comment love! :)

  3. Only you would attempt to make these things. Such a baking overachiever. And I'm sorry, but I LOLd at your description of when one of the shacks fell and cracked. Sorry dude, but that was hilarious.

  4. Ringo has the same Blue doll that the bean has....except Ringo's no longer has a nose, and half the stuffing is missing from Blue's head.


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