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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

shopping, seven, sweets

seven would probably kick my ass if i didn't post about our fun day at the americana this past weekend. and given her unfailing faith, love and devotion to me, i refuse to do anything that would piss her off. ha!

being the kickoff weekend for the holiday shopping season, i was a little concerned about having to fight for a parking spot and getting my heels nipped constantly by oblivious stroller drivers (the bean was spending the afternoon with the hub), but i was pleasantly surprised. we parked the car and navigated our way to our lunch spot quite easily:

we settled in a comfy booth and perused the menu. the teen decided to go with a cup of soup and a smoked mozzarella caprese salad:

seven chose a classic omelette:

and i went with the ribeye sandwich and lobster bisque. the soup wasn't fantastic, but i still enjoyed my meal.

we were too full to hit up crumbs bake shop, just next door, but vowed to walk off our lunch and return for a take-home treat later. kitson was our first stop, where we spent a nice chunk of time browsing and giggling over the fun novelties that occupy every square inch of the store.

i liked the hot pink tree.

and this mug.

i got a chuckle from these tees.

only in l.a. would you find shit like this. yes, those are high-heeled crib shoes for babies - sized for 0-6 months, no less. i've seen these before and been torn between disgust and amused, but i'm heavily leaning towards the latter. and i think that the uproar over suri cruise's footwear of choice lately is super lame - folks act as if they never dealt with a 3-year-old, very strong-willed child before. sometimes you just gotta let 'em have their way, and if it means getting out of the house on time with her rocking some dress-up heels now and then, so what? toss a pair of regular socks and shoes in the bag and go. what the hell is the big deal?

i thought this little set of mini-barbie dolls was cute. each doll represents a different decade. 10years, i know you want this.

these books about learning to potty were cute. and i thought it was cute that there were two separate versions, covering both genders. i had fun pushing the "flush" button, but i'm sure you already knew that.

seven and i giggled as we flipped through the pages of this book:

these were a source of entertainment, too.

i don't even know if this was a pack of gum or chocolate or what, but i liked it.

two of my favorite things in christmas tree ornament form.

the courtyard was all decked out for the holidays.

in the juicy couture store, i drooled over many things, not least of which included this:

can't you just see the bean rolling around in that thing, all cozy in that faux-fur footmuff, riding around like the princess she is? ha!

the peoplewatching was super fun, too, as always.

in the ginormous forever 21 store, seven mugged for the camera.

i love chandeliers.

i don't love the sixteen chins i have in this picture, but whatever.

i still trucked my happy ass back over to crumbs.

inside, we were transfixed by the sight of their trademark giant cupcakes. we were so entranced that we had to let about three people who walked in behind us place their orders first. indecision was definitely in full effect.

i did, however, decide NOT to go with my usual choice:

which left me debating between these.

decisions, decisions. in the end, seven chose cookie dough, the teen went with the baba booey (chocolate cake, topped with half chocolate and half peanut butter frosting), and i went with the peanut butter cup.

we dropped seven off at home and then headed to the casa to hang out with the bean while the hub went out to hang with his homeys and watch some football game in town. after she fell asleep, the teen and i split our cupcakes and cried over the ending of "marley and me."

yup, we know how to party.


  1. hahaha i wouldn't kick your booty for not posting this...but i woulda kicked your booty for not just randomly posting that ridiculous picture of me with the hat...i think i might go back for that thing. it was quite cozy...

  2. there's a crumbs down the street from where i work. i've only ever had a bite of the oreo cupcake (OMG! SO GOOD). i can't commit to purchasing because i know i'll become an addict.

  3. I found this Etsy.com site and thought of you.


  4. Oh my gosh. I must introduce myself to Crumbs very soon.

  5. i'm thinking crumbs is only in socal?? i must do a search. i totally drooled at the red velvet cupcake. oh and those baby heels?!?! LOL big time!

  6. With all the babies being born in 2009/2010 I've gotten to know all the little baby boutiques here in SD - and most of them have those baby high heels. I kinda stop in my tracks each time I see them. We're doing our big shopping trip this weekend - alllll weekend.

  7. How fun! I, too, love the chandeliers at the Americana.


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