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Thursday, December 31, 2009

doing just a little bit o'good

just before 11:00 on christmas day, a tahoe full of do-gooders arrived in pasadena and parked here:

then crossed the street and arrived here:

stood in line to check in here:

and accepted duties to stand at long tables laden with food provided by countless other volunteers here:

walked past tables full of folks creating holiday cards here:

and then found their places in long lines in the bright sun here:

one found himself standing in front of a couple of actors, loudly discussing their previous roles in shows and miniseries here:

a couple of camera whores stopped to snap themselves here:

the teen made a face as hairnets and plastic gloves were passed out here:

a super duper dork promptly unwrapped hers, plopped it on her head and grinned happily here:

the teen grudgingly acquiesced and donned her lovely net here:

then the dork nearly gagged as this super goobery dude stood in front of her in line wearing this t-shirt advertising the kama sutra (ewwwww!) here:

after an hour of waiting, the group finally found themselves tapping the previous shift on the shoulder to release them from their duties to take their places here:

and found that there were more volunteers than homeless folks to feed as they ended up serving food to more of the former than the latter here:

meanwhile, more and more trays of donated food continued to be dropped off and added to the pile here:

after maybe fifteen minutes of serving, the teen and the rest of the gang found themselves on the receiving end of those shoulder taps and began heading back to the parking lot here:

and arrived home, nearly an hour ahead of schedule, and sat down together to enjoy lunch here:

next time, we're gonna find another organization that actually needs our help. we'd stood in line for the entire first hour of our "shift," served food to more fellow volunteers (we couldn't understand how they felt okay actually accepting that food!) than those in need, and felt rather like cattle that was herded from one line to the next without actually having provided any real service. there was much disappointment here.


  1. well, you tried? and you got to wear a hairnet?

  2. Agreed. Definitely the thought that counts! :) Good work!

  3. LOVE that you {tried} to do this!!!!!

  4. That's really awesome that you're instilling the spirit of service with your family!

  5. It's definitely the thought that counts. But yeah, eww to hairnet :(

  6. great, definitely the thought that counts, goodness


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