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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

as far as mother's day gifts go

i've gotten some pretty good ones.

there was this one, created at preschool:

and on sunday, when i got out of the shower at the grand californian, where we'd spent the night after a fun day at disneyland, i found this:

i excitedly ripped the paper open to find this:

i put it on my phone right away.

and from the hub, a little something he picked up from his trip to n'awlins:

but the very best gift i've ever received for mother's day was in 1995, for the very first one i celebrated as a mom:

born the thursday before mother's day that year, she was the absolute best gift i could have ever asked for. i desperately wish i had one of her newborn pics, which was exactly fifteen years ago today. we'll have to settle for this one - it's one of the few i managed to grab as i moved out of the house i shared with her father.

those years have flown by like you cannot even imagine. the teen, my wonderful, beautiful, funny, amazing, intelligent, thoughtful firstborn, has gone from a sweet-natured, easygoing baby to a terrific, tenacious toddler and then moved gracefully into a fantastic school-aged kid.

of course, she's no longer a kid. she transformed into "the teen" a couple of years ago, and i've watched her slide right past what most of us call "the awkward years" and straight into the "beautiful inside AND out years." not fair, huh? heh.

a very happy birthday today to my girl, who despite the warnings of "parents and kids shouldn't be friends" is, indeed, my very best friend. she means the world to me, i am so proud of her, and i love her more and more and more every day. it is such a joy and a privilege to be her mom and share in her everyday life. she's turning into a fantastic woman, and i can't wait to see what unfolds in the years to come - her life is going to be nothing short of spectacular.

and, hey, look out, world - one more year and this girl is gonna be behind the wheel! heaven help me.


  1. Aww...happy Mother's Day! Commander's Palace is the frickin' bomb. If they have their recipe in there for bread pudding souffle, I highly recommend it! :)

  2. *tear*
    Such a sweet sweet post. Happy belated Mother's Day to you! Happy belated Birthday to the Teen!

  3. Happy birthday to the teen! Let's figure out a day when I can give her all the goodies I saved. :)

  4. It's so funny to watch someone grow online. I totally remember when you were freaking out about her turning 13 - and now she's going to be behind the wheel of a car??????

  5. Best birthday wishes to the teen, and happy belated Mother's Day to you!!

  6. happy birthday, b! and happy belated mother's day to you. such a sweet post.

  7. Waiting for you is a nice yellow Pashmina for Mother's Day.

  8. So sweet that you & the teen are so close. :-)

    Happy Birthday TEEN!

  9. Happy birthday teen! Shetruly is beautiful on the outside and (from what I've read) inside!

  10. every time you mention that you had to leave without the teen's bebe pics it makes my stomach hurt. it's been so many years nad you're both with diff people now, is there no way he can grow a heart and make you copies? it is a crime for him to deprive the mother of his child photos from her infancy. totally cruel. makes me sick to my stomach.

  11. Happy Birthday to the teen and a Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope you guys had fun at the happiest place on earth. :)

  12. Happy belated birthday to the Teen! May all her Jonas Bros dreams come true!


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