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Thursday, May 20, 2010

surprise sucker

i've always been enthralled with the idea of grab bags/mystery boxes/whatever you want to call them. you know, you pick out a sealed bag or box for a few bucks without any idea of what waits inside, hoping to find some cool shit that often adds up to more than what you paid for it. i was always a sucker for the ones at the hello kitty store, where you could choose a "regular" grab bag or a candy-filled one.

so when i saw a post on facebook from delight.com, a site that i check out all the time because they carry all sorts of fun, silly novelty items, advertising their "mystery boxes," i had to have one. old habits die hard, you know. i placed my order, plugged in the code for $5 flat shipping, and waited.

yesterday, this arrived:

i ripped it open excitedly, and then i kind of slowed down to build up the anticipation. holy good gracious, i am a doofus.

and here's what i got: a reusable shopping bag that folds up nicely into a little pack that closes with velcro, some little doohickeys to organize cords (which i could really use, actually), a couple of organic suckers that i hid from the bean for the next time she earns a "surprise," and something i've wanted for a while - a SIGG bottle! actually, i came across the little cap loop holder thingy first and thought, huh. this is random, since i don't have a SIGG bottle. and then the teen pointed to the last item in the box, wrapped in bubble wrap.

maybe it wasn't quite as fun as the hello kitty grab bags - or just a little more mature. ha! in any case, i'm pleased with my mystery box. yay!

the other package that arrived yesterday yielded these, purchased on ebay just this past weekend:

woo-hoo! i'm stupid excited to take the teen to the glee live show! i was trying to figure out how the seller made any money on these, though - face value is $64.25, plus stupid ticketbastard fees, and then she spent almost $20 to overnight them to me. maybe she got 'em for free.

whatever, i really don't care. WE'RE GOING TO GLEE!!


  1. I did that Delight.com mystery box a couple years ago, and I got nothing but CRAP. Mine had a random cookie cutter in the shape of one of the great lakes maybe -- I'm still not sure, and other crappy crap that I'm bitter about.

    You got a much better package than I did.

    Anyhow, yay for Glee!!!

  2. I remember in high school going to Spencer's Gifts and buying grab bags of silly, useless, sometimes inappropriate stuff. Good times. So jealous of the Glee tickets. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. that's pretty good! but i know if i had ordered one, it'd have crap in it. i've got the worst luck when it comes to grab bags, raffles, etc.

    yay for cheap glee tix!

  4. I'm with Tater on this one. I have zero luck when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    (also, I hate these kinds of surprises because I don't like to not be in control . . . yes yes yes, I'm a freak)

  5. The sigg bottle alone makes that mystery box a deal. :) And YAY for Glee Live tix!!


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