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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

(birthday) party like a rock star

my friend lilcee came to me about a month ago, looking for help in doing invitations for her adorable daughter's first birthday party. she wanted to incorporate butterflies and flowers and maybe throw in a little "alice in wonderland" as well. and of course, i was more than happy to do whatever i could. we met up at my beloved paper source to scope it out for ideas and to pick up the supplies, and it wasn't long before we found the perfect design and came up with this:

cute, right? i love that floral paper so much, and her cousin (a graphic artist) came up with the logo. she was pleased with the way they turned out, and i was glad i could help in some way.

i packed up the teen and the bean on the day of the party, and after a couple of wrong turns (because i never get anything right on the first try), we found ourselves at silk lounge.

the teen was amused at being at a "club."

typical lilcee - lots of cute details and personal touches all around. look at her hand-painted banner with the party logo!

it was a nice space - roomy, comfy, with lots of places to sit and, well, lounge.

more adorable decor.

i thought this was cute, too - an interactive guessing game to predict what the baby's future might hold.

of course, there was lots of yummy food.

our friend winnie had been tapped to capture the event with her trusty camera, and earlier in the week she'd asked if the teen would be willing to man the photobooth. she dangled a cash payment like a carrot, and it didn't take more than about 2.75 seconds for the teen to jump on the opportunity. as our dear friend tater and her husband set up the backdrop for the photobooth, the bean decided to make herself comfy.

my cousin r and her fiance were in town to get started on wedding planning, and had been so busy that we hadn't gotten a chance to see them. on their way to the airport for their flight home, they stopped in to say hello and drop off a birthday present for the teen (r is the teen's godmother).

of course, we had to test the photobooth for ourselves.

there were party favors for the kids. the bean checked it out and held it out to me. "go to beach, mommy?"

our friend nanette was at the party too, with her adorable baby em. it was funny - we'd both been there for almost an hour before she found us. the place isn't even that big! oh, well. the girls bonded for a minute as the bean watched mickey mouse cartoons on youtube, via my iPhone, and shared it with her friend em.

em quickly lost interest, though, and scurried off to check out what was going on in the next room.

after all that, i'm embarrassed to admit that i didn't get any pictures of the birthday girl or her mommy and daddy. we did pose for a few group shots in the photobooth, but the teen was taking the pictures with winnie's camera and in the shuffle, i completely forgot to ask her to take one with mine. oh, well.

it was a lovely party, and i grabbed a couple of packs of pocky to go. i needed a little extra boost to take me through the rest of the day - because in a few hours, we were leaving for universal city and glee live! more on that tomorrow.


  1. Yes! Another person to steal cute birthday party ideas from! Love how the bean works the iphone like a champ!

  2. Great recap! And I'm still laughing about not finding you right away!

  3. seriously impressed with the bean's iphone skillz. i think i got some shots of her lolling around on the floor, too. i'll send you a link once they're uploaded.

  4. awww, so cute! I was so sad to have missed it. Damn constant ear infections have had us home-ridden for weeks now!

  5. I love how the bean matches the party. Thanks again for helping w/ the invitations. Got lots of raves about them. Yay for pics.

  6. btw, Lei chose the stethoscope. My parents will be extremely happy.

  7. Wow, what a 1st birthday party! I guess I should start planning Elsie's party...yikes!

  8. It's always fun to see you, the teen, and the bean! Please thank the teen for me again for helping with the photobooth :)

  9. I'm bummed to have missed this! You did a great job on the invites - I thought it was so pretty when I got it in the mail. :)


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