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Friday, May 28, 2010


happy fantabulous friday - we've got a nice, long weekend ahead of us! although we don't really have any plans, it's still awesome to have an extra day off.

there is so much good stuff going on right now, i can hardly think straight. aside from payroll getting effed up, resulting in our first-ever direct deposit transaction being delayed till TUESDAY (laaaame), life is good.

i finally made an appointment to get my 'do reshaped this afternoon. it's long overdue - check out my shaggy mane as of this morning:

i don't really know what i'm going to do with it, but i need something, even if only a trim. i still haven't decided whether or not to cut it short again or attempt to grow it out a bit. we'll see.

in my gmail this morning:

eeeeexcellent. i'd ordered one online, but the ship date wasn't till june 3rd. and you know me - i'm all about instant gratification, dang it! not to mention, wan-derful women's expo is next weekend and i was really hoping to have it by then. thinking positively, i'm planning to use it to place sales orders online immediately, rather than go the OG-route and have to write out paper order forms.

we've been making great progress in the potty-training department with the bean. last wednesday, i got a bug up my ass and decided we needed to get serious. so when i got home from work, i took her diaper off and put her "big-girl" panties on. she did really well, remembering to tell me when she needed to go, and holding it till i got her onto the toilet. yay! she's been spending most of her time at home sans pampers (except for nap and bedtime, and rides in the car), and she's starting to get the hang of it. now, that doesn't mean that we haven't had any accidents, but it's a start. countdown to zero diapers continues!

the teen has less than two weeks of school left. holy shit! seems like school just started, and here we are, staring right in the face of summer. pretty crazy. my baby's gonna be a sophomore soon...yikes!

our quest to move out of the thimble and into a bigger space of our own is moving along nicely. i don't want to jinx it, but things are looking up.

the hub and i are going out tomorrow night to a cool restaurant on the west side for date night. i snagged a fab discount from bloomspot for an eatery i've been wanting to try for a while, so it'll be even better. food's almost always better when it's free or cheap, ha!

the lakers are still in the running for a repeat of last year's championship. they hung on by a thread at the end of last night's game, but still - THEY WON. hell yeah! 5 to go!

and lastly, if you read my tweets or facebook status updates, you'll know that work has been increasingly frustrating for me lately. i haven't exactly been quiet about it, although when am i quiet about anything? anyway, i'm stoked to report that i received a super duper fun job offer a few days ago, discussed it with the hub and the teen, and happily handed in my resignation letter yesterday. i haven't decided yet whether or not to talk about specifics here, because the mere mention of where the new gig is makes me REALLY easy to find. seriously. although it might actually do more good than harm to publicize it at some point, so stay tuned.

in any case, the new job has so much awesomeness to it, it's almost ridiculous. i'll get to dress casually every day, work in a super fun environment, located in a really great city, and most likely get to take over handling the company's social media accounts.

how much fantastic stuff can one girl take at once? but i love it. more, more, more - bring it on!


  1. I'm so happy that things are going so well for you right now. :)

  2. You sound busy but also like there are some exciting new things in your life right now. So happy for you! I've been eyeing the ipad too but I just don't know what I'd use it for.

  3. Yay for the new job! Life is too short to spend most of it in a suck-tastic environment.

  4. yay for good changes! i'm super nosy and curious about the new gig.

  5. I envy you re: the iPad! I really, really want one. Yay for change! I think you'll be a terrific fit for the new gig.

  6. Very interested to hear about this new job! Sounds great!

  7. Yay for things looking up!! :D I'm excited for you with all of the stuff you've mentioned, but the ipad and new job offer are particularly squeal-worthy!!


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