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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

flyin' high

the bean is starting to do pretty well in her gymnastics class - at least, better than she was when we first started going. she's actually quite shy (which doesn't bode well for her mother's dreams of making her a star), and is typically pretty clingy when we get there. it's so weird, because she's really good at the activities, like tumbling and jumping and climbing - but as soon as we set foot inside the gym, she shuts down and maintains a death grip on one of our hands. oy.

the class got together for a quick group picture, and i was pleased that she actually joined the kids for it:

afterwards, we decided to go somewhere fun for breakfast. we pulled up here:

so we could sit outside, watch the planes take off and land, and eat here:

the bean jumped right into this plane and took a "ride."

we were shown to a table outside, where we had a great view of the airstrip:

it was your typical coffee shop, with plastic everything and friendly waitresses calling out greetings to everyone.

while we waited for our food, the hub took the bean down to the little grassy area, where she watched the planes and played and ran around.

when they returned, she settled into her high chair and put on her scary face.

the grub! i'd gone with - what else? - the bacon-stuffed pancakes.

the bean's kids' meal featured a pancake bigger than her head.

it was a fun place, and i was totally amused to see the server greet the hub with a smile and a hug - apparently, he's been here a few times before. heh. and it turns out that she was actually the owner of the place, with an in-n-out connection - she'd been married to one of the owners, who overdosed on vicodin a decade ago.

guess we know what she did with the life insurance money.


  1. Ok. I was going to comment about the Bean and her cuteness, but now I'm slightly OBSESSED with that bacon-stuffed pancake. Damn, Gina!

  2. She really is adorable. Let's figure out a way for her to overcome the shyness. You have to make money off of it somehow. You just have to.

  3. I'm glad she is doing better in her gymnastics class. I hope she continues to get more comfortable with it and come out of her shell a bit more.

  4. I love how the bean is so expressive!


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