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Thursday, June 17, 2010

livin' la vida lakers

i've actually been cooking this week - yay!

with the summer heat in full effect, i thought it would be nice to make an entrée salad for dinner. and i was feeling kind of asian-y, so i winged it by sprinkling a little five-spice seasoning and sea salt on a couple of pieces of chicken, baking it, and then shredding it (which is a giant pain in the ass). i decided to try the dressing in this recipe, shredded a little carrot, chopped up some romaine, added a handful of almond slivers, and tossed everything together.

looks good, right? it was, and the hub and i happily crunched away. for dessert, i'd used up what was left out of a box of rice krispies cereal to make half a batch of krispy treats.

it's been so long since i made some, i'd totally forgotten how good homemade krispy treats are, yum! i totally need to make another batch. hey, they're low-fat - at least, more so than lots of other sweets that typically make their way into the wan house.

for game 6 of the NBA finals, the hub decided to hang out with his cronies at the cigar shop. so i decided to treat myself with something really delicious: bacon-wrapped shrimp. and thank god for the meat department at my grocery store - while my raw shrimp weren't peeled, they'd been deveined. cleaning shrimp is seriously gross, and i was pretty stoked to be able to skip that icky step. i seasoned them with some sea salt and garlic powder, cut my bacon strips into thirds, and wrapped every shrimp like a present. which it was - to me, the best kind!

they cooked quickly in the broiler, and about 15 minutes later, i pulled them out and grubbed down.

being far too lazy to make rice or salad, i ended up making myself a bowl of easy mac. haha! i'm sophisticated like that. and after the bean was done feasting on her own meal of scrambled eggs with cheese and sliced ham (her pick), she relaxed on the floor and watched some OG mickey mouse 'toons on youtube as i washed the dishes.

just another day in the wan house.

and in honor of tonight:

oh, and:

translation: "good shot. yay, kobe!" the other day, as i was turning the tv on for game 5 of the NBA finals, she came over, grabbed me by the face with both hands, and said "yell at tv, mommy. it's okay."



  1. she makes me slightly dilike the lakers a bit! nevermind, i still hate the lakers, but love this video, too cute!!

  2. LAKERS!!!! I look forward to tweeting with you tonight. ;)

  3. Yum! I was going to make a similar salad today but gave in to laziness and just bought a coleslaw kit from Costco instead :) Yay for the bean being a Lakers fan!

  4. We've been doing a lot of entree salads recently, too. Partly due to weather and partly b/c of the summer program, Jim has been very happy to eat light meals at home since he's having super decadent meals the rest of the time. Heh.


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