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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

singing makes the pee come out

this is what we think of the celtics:

tee hee! mind you, i've gotta hand it to 'em for last night's game - it sure ain't fun to lose a big game when you're playing in front of your hometown crowd. doesn't mean i'm not stoked about the laker win, though - and GO D-FISH!

the bean has been doing really well with the potty training. we still have a few oopsies here and there, but she's getting the hang of it. she likes to have me hang out in there with her while she makes herself comfy on the pot, and often she serenades me with her repertoire of musical ditties. like this:

there's also her educational series:

sometimes, she's just silly.

and a classic.

every day is someone's birthday to her.

i just like how she says "little lamb."

this concludes our video presentations for the day. heh.

on another note, i'm super duper excited that we've decided to embark on a fun road trip for our big summer vacay! for obvious reasons, we skipped travel for the most part of last year, and this year we're making up for it with a two-week long east coast extravaganza. we're flying into boston, heading up to maine and rhode island (because we'll be there, and we can), and then making our way down the coast, eventually flying home from fort lauderdale. we'll stop in NYC, D.C., philly, hilton head, disney world, and whatever happens to strike our fancy along the way. we're not going to book hotels ahead of time (aside from the first night, when we land close to midnight EST), we're going to be all spontaneous and stuff and just wing it. if we find a place we like, we'll stay there.

if you don't love road trips, this probably sounds pretty damn miserable to you. but we've been talking about doing something like this for YEARS. i'm giddy at the fact that we're finally going to do it!

got any suggestions for fun stuff to do/places to visit/yummy grub? i'd love to hear 'em.


  1. Hey, Jen, call your N Carmen. They would love to see all of you. She's on FB as well.
    Do you know how to save the bean's concert in ITunes/ipod/ipad?

  2. That is quite the trip! I admire your courage to wing it!

  3. Those videos are adorable and I was laughing so hard at "Little Layum". LOL! Soooo cute. :)

    You are so brave to wing it. I'm too type A for that. Sounds fun though!

  4. holy cuteness overload!!!

    i'm jealous of your road trip, that sounds so fun! i've never travelled to the east coast and would love to some day. have fun :)

  5. Im jealousE of your trip. In DC be sure and go the zoo (early in the am so the animals are out) and Arlington. Take the bean to the Air & Space Museum and get some astronaugt ice cream...we loved that as kids! If you want to try blue crab while you are there...go to the Dancing Crab in Tenley town (there is a metro stop and you can just walk down the hill). Total dive but the food rocks! I worked there in college:) Oh I could go on, I love DC! The aquarium in Baltimore is great and if you like baseball go to an O's game while you are up there...the stadium is really cool!

  6. you must go to geno's (www.genosteaks.com) and pat's (www.patskingofsteaks.com) while in philly. they are right across the street from each other.
    and if you like history, independence hall and eastern state penitentiary (www.easternstate.org) should be on the to-do list.

  7. 1) I can't get any videos at work, so this is actually the first Bean concert I've ever seen!

    2) She's going to be SO glad you taped her bathroom concerts when she's about 15.

    3) I know she's NOT saying my name in the birthday song, but it's close enough I'm going to pretend.

    4) We did the road trip for PA to Hilton Head every year when I was in between the ages of 10 and 15! Then we moved to CA so now we fly to Hilton Head each year, and I kinda miss the cartrip memories.

  8. Love the trip idea! Having grown up in Boston, we did the eastern seaboard road trip a few times over summer breaks. It will definitely be a trip that the girls will remember for some time :)

  9. He he...love happy birthday at our house too, we sing it for a lullaby :)

    dont forget to bring me a present from your fabulous road trip :)

  10. Mystic Pizza
    Ringing Rocks, PA
    Liberty Bell
    Lancaster, PA (Amish country)covered bridges
    Civil War- Gettysburg, Manassas, Chancellor, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg
    North Carolina- Sliding Rock, Grandfather Mountain, Folk Art Center on Blue Ridge Parkway, Chimney Rock, Kitty Hawk
    DC- Smithsonian, Arlington Cemetary changing of the guard, all of the monuments, have the best crabcakes you've ever tasted with me at Carlyle
    Georgia- Stone Mountain laser show- must see

  11. Hmmm. Roadtrips. Not a big fan of them so I guess I'd fall in that miserable category. But that is besides the point.

    You'll be in Boston?! By all means go to Johnny Cupcakes!!! And if you see him there, tell him Michelle in So Cal loves him. :)

  12. For the best fried clams or Steamed Lobster - Woodman's "eat in the Rough" in Ipswich, MA (North shore)

    Kellys Roast Beef is a local sandwich shop "chain" famous for their roast beef and chowda but I personally love their cheeseburgers and fries.

    Of course if you love cheesy, rich pasta dishes and pastry, you have to spend some time in the North End of Boston. Doesn't matter where you dine/indulge, all the spots are great.

    Portsmouth, NH and Kennebunk, ME are both great spots...fresh seafood and salty beaches. Storyland in the White Mountains is a favorite attraction for the kiddos.

    The Black Pearl in Newport is delish. There's a little coffee shop at the end of the pier there (don't remember name) but they have the BEST chocolate chip banana bread.

  13. well if you find yourself near Greenville,SC shoot me an email and maybe we could meet up at my husband place of employment (Ruth's Chris Steakhouse)-- my treat!

  14. You're a brave soul for winging it. I think that'd give me a heart attack :) If you have any questions about VA / DC area, let me know!

  15. I'll echo those sentiments re: the celtics. :P


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