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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i'm on a boat

memorial day monday dawned sunny and warm, so we decided to take a nice drive up to lake arrowhead to have lunch and check things out. getting there was a snap, with no traffic anywhere along the way. look at how gorgeous it was up there:

it was so warm that the bean finally got the chance to rock more of her upcycled fashion.

we'd promised her a boat ride, and we delivered. it was fun to go up there and do something we hadn't done before, despite the fact that we've driven up to arrowhead a zillion times before.

it was a nice cruise around the lake, with our guide pointing out various landmarks and giving us a brief history lesson on the area.

the hub and i are always dreaming of buying a vacation home up there. and a boat, of course. except that we seem to have different ideas of what kind of boat we'd get. i was picturing something chill, like this party barge:

and his vision is more like this:

heh. oh, well.

in the meantime, the bean was having a great time, just relaxing and letting the breeze from the open window blow through her hair. she even let me grab her for a photo op.

these homes are kind of ridiculous, yeah? we're talking 10,000+ square feet, 16-car garages, underground boat parking. some of them are right on the lake, and instead of using regular ol' stairs to get to and from their boat slips, they build a tram. A TRAM. i'm dead serious. and the folks who own these homes don't even come up to the lake all that often! you can tell who's home and who isn't based upon who's flying a flag outside.

lots more lakefront homes, but much more modest ones.

when the ride was over, we decided it was lunch time. and it was another first - we finally tried the waffle house overlooking the lake. of course, with the perfect weather, all of the tables outside were taken. not wanting to wait, we took a table inside to enjoy our meal.

it was pretty dark in there, so i have zero pictures of the grub. just imagine big, fluffy belgian waffles and a club sandwich that looked about a foot tall. yum.

the hub went up to the counter to pay and returned with a little brown paper bag. he took the bean outside, opened the bag, and showed her how to feed the ducks. she had a blast.

so did the ducks.

it was an even easier drive home, since we left early enough to beat the post-holiday traffic. and as we relaxed and got ready for the week, the bean serenaded us:

is it stuck in your head yet? muahahahahahaha.


  1. OMG she is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I will gladly have that stuck in my head.

  3. dude, that flag system sounds perfect for inviting thieves right on in.

    and bean is too cute, as usual.

  4. Loved the song! Hey, you made Lolo sing it. just been to see Old Faithful... spectacular!

  5. We went to a bbq at the summer home for one of the partners Jim works for late last year. They're slowly remodeling the home and the work they've done so far is just amazing. It's so beautiful and peaceful up there. :)

  6. OMG she's too cute! Even H said she's adorable.


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