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Thursday, June 3, 2010

iPad iNsanity

so i have to apologize to my lovely winners from last week's rolleez giveaway. i'm such a slacker, i'm just getting your prizes in today's mail! i suck. sorry, ladies. hopefully the prize itself will make up for my procrastinating.

i've been so busy lately! while i've been "working" my two-week notice (with that in quotes because i've got a major case of short-timer's disease, so i haven't really been making a huge effort, heh), i've been heading over to the new job to start training. the moment i leave the office, i've hopped right onto the freeway and jumped right into 3-hour training sessions. i get paid for training, thankfully, but MAN - i'd forgotten how much it blows to work a full 8-hour day. i've been pooped, and i miss my girls, who i'm used to seeing much more than this! but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. my last day at the old job is next thursday, and as luck would have it, i'd scheduled some days off this week and next due to the ILs going on vacay. since i didn't give myself any time off in between the two jobs aside for a 3-day weekend next week, it's nice to have a break.

i'm also pretty stoked to report that the iPad is up and running, and is quite fabulous. i picked it up last friday evening, which didn't go as smoothly as i'd expected either. stupid bank of america decided that the purchase looked suspicious and decided to decline the transaction. pretty embarrassing, especially since it took several phone calls to different departments to resolve the issue. sheesh. i took it home excitedly, plugged it into the Mac to sync it up with iTunes, and - nothing. a window popped up and informed me that my operating system wasn't up to par. bah! my 2007 mac was running version 10.4.11, and the iPad wanted at least a 10.5. so freaking frustrating. and after a little research, i found that the upgrade would cost me another $170! there was a $29 upgrade available too, but it was meant for those who had already upgraded from the version i had.

the next day, still iPad-less and bummed, i turned to twitter and my twirlies to vent and whine. but i ended up a happy camper, as one of my buddies replied to my bitter tweets with some pretty valuable info. she'd been in a similar situation, did better research than i had, and came to the conclusion that the $29 upgrade would work. whee!

the first chance i got, which wasn't actually till tuesday, i drove my happy ass to best buy and scooped up that software. i backed up my files, stuck the CD in, and about an hour later, i was looking at a whole new operating system running quite smoothly. yay, right?

um, not so fast. i plugged the iPad in again, watched as iPhoto recognized it, and waited for iTunes to follow suit. and again, nothing. i restarted the computer again, tried using my iPhone cord, click, click, click. nada. i googled for help and found that there were lots of others who'd faced same problem, which was slightly comforting. they reported that removing iTunes and re-installing it was the key, and by then i was desperate. so i followed their lead, let the mac do its thing, and this time, when i sent a prayer up and plugged in, it finally worked! i'm even blogging from it right now. total pain in the ass, but it was worth it to have my new toy in my hot little hands at last.

and just in time, too - because in two short days i've got this:

i'm pretty excited, folks. i'm so not ready for it, but i'm looking forward to meeting all of the vendors who've signed up and seeing how this thing goes. amazingly, although this one hasn't even happened yet, folks are already clamoring for another one!

cross your fingers and wish me luck, yo. i'm gonna need it.


  1. Boo for taking longer than anticipated to set up, but I'm glad the ipad is up and running!! Wheee!

  2. good luck at the expo! still sad i can't come out.

    and yay for ipad up and running!

  3. I've been eyeing the ipads too! I want to hear about the expo!

  4. Thanks again for sending me the rolleez! They look cute and are totally functional. Such a good idea. I'm leaving them in my car for emergencies.


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