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Friday, June 11, 2010

i have the cutest iPad in the world

so, the case that the teen gave me on mother's day has a mommy:

and that mommy now has a screen protector - a reflective one. ha! i can now see myself every time i look at my iPad. good? bad? depends on the moment.

and on another note, i find it amusing that amidst all of this USC scandal, i'm heading out to santa monica tomorrow to do a stella & dot showcase at a sample sale. said sample sale is benefiting the USC scholarship fund. heh.

i know i have a lot of bruin friends - sorry, guys. i have a bunch of trojan friends, too, and besides - a girl's gotta sell some shit and make some cash. come out anyway?

lastly, all i gotta say about last night's laker loss is this: we're now tied. it's still anybody's trophy. and that nasty "baby drool" fool needs to keep his mouth shut and his tongue in his mouth. he's really gross.



  1. Hope you make lots and lots of sales! Go Trojans!

  2. i want an HK cover for my old 3g now.

  3. I don't have feelings either way about Hello Kitty, but those are cute.

  4. Love the cover and the reflector. How do you like the iPad so far? I am dying to get one but want to wait until they have printing capabilities.

  5. I LOVE your cover! Though when H saw your picture, he said that even if (when, in my mind) we get an iPad, that cover will not appear on it.


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