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Friday, June 25, 2010

new addictions

so okay, since i started working at dot's, i've found myself taking a cupcake or two home after work more often than not. oy. i'm still in that honeymoon stage - it still smells heavenly when i walk in, my mouth still waters as i fill the cases with those scrumptious nuggets of happiness, there are still flavors i have yet to try. while i limit myself to the mini size vs. the regular (gigantor) versions, it still doesn't bode well for the size of my ass.

by the way, if you were wondering, my current favorite is the fleur de sel. i'm downright obsessed with that thing - fresh chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate frosting, a swirl of buttery caramel, and a sprinkle of pink french sea salt. of course, it's a daily flavor - and it's damn hard to resist.

ooh, and i served my first celebrity customer too! just the other day, i was chatting with the boss about the various well-known folks who come in for a cupcake fix, and she mentioned that marlee matlin came in often. and sure enough, i was cleaning the counter and restocking the front cases when i looked up and there she was, walking in with her super cute daughter.

she was really friendly, and smiled graciously as another customer gushed over how much she loved her in "dancing with the stars." she was picking up treats for a local fire station, which made me admire her even more, and i tried my best to face her directly when i spoke to her so she could read my lips. and i swear, i didn't speak any louder than i normally would to anyone else. i think. now, if oscar de la hoya makes an appearance (which i've heard he does, also fairly regularly), i'll be stoked.

so anyway, i don't have a gym membership. it was one of the many casualties of last year's operation downsize, and although that means i work out much less than i should, i still haven't been able to bring myself to get motivated to do other [free] stuff. but with this new element in my everyday life, i figured i'd better get off my duff and do something or i'll end up weighing about six hundred pounds.

you already know that i've tried zumba - a really fun aerobics-like workout that incorporates latin dance moves. i'm awful at it, but after trying it with my buddy kelley, i found that i liked it a lot. so i looked online for a class nearby, and found that a new session was starting up fairly close to home, and they were offering a free introductory class to entice attendees.

it was at the dance center where the teen used to take a jazz dance class (which is totally funny to reflect on now, since the teen is firmly in "i don't dance" mode):

one of my cousins was a student here too back in the day. i found her in one of the framed photos on the wall, right in the middle (she'll probably kill me if she sees this):

i was able to follow along, get a pretty darn good workout, and sweated my ass off (of course). while chatting with the instructors (a team of boyfriend and girlfriend), i learned that they also taught a class twice a week at a facility even closer to home.

this was a nicer studio, and there was lots of room to get our groove on. i decided to take advantage of the special - individual classes are $8 and a card good for 10 classes was on sale for $70. prices are scheduled to go up in a couple of weeks, so i figured i'd buy in now, plus paying in advance will force me to go.

they were doing a raffle for a free zumba tank top. i ended up with ticket #1. i didn't win.

there was a table full of other zumba-themed workout attire and dance shoes for sale, too.

i had a blast, especially since i was in a class of other newbies, and although i still suck at it, i put in extra effort to get the most out of the session. i stayed in the back of the class, and made sure to stay behind one of the ladies so i didn't have to see myself in the mirror. i like to look at me a lot, but not when i'm working out - and especially not when i'm dancing and jumping and sashaying rather awkwardly. i was sweaty and super hot (and not in the fun, sex-hay way) afterwards, but exhilarated and feeling good about getting active.

yes. yes, i took pictures of myself in the mirror and in the car afterwards. what of it?


  1. Dude! That's awesome! I'm so glad you are totally going after the Zumba! :) I need to follow in your footsteps. I have so much fun every time I do it.

  2. I think you look great, but kudos to you for wanting to be even more fit!

  3. Every time I read about Zumba, I think of Wreckx-N-Effect.

    All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a poom-poom!

    Just shake ya rump!

  4. dying at the monkey's comment. dude, you look cute after a workout. i...do not.

  5. i wanna try zumba one day! I keep hearing how fun it is!

    oh yeah--i LOVE the fleur de sel cupcake too. SO good!

  6. 1. love that you're working at dot's! so perfect!

    2. love your post workout pic! cute!

    3. so happy you found a new family home! sounds like operation downsize helped! congratulations!

  7. Part of the reason I don't work out is I don't like my sweaty look. I know I know, nobody else cares besides me. But I'm that vain, see :)

  8. And see, I like to position myself right at the front and keep an eye on my form and whatnot in class. I'm a total whore for the mirrors when I workout. Heh. Years of dance training will do that to ya, I guess. ;)


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