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Thursday, May 6, 2010

i should be a sizing model

one of my junior league sisters owns a little clothing boutique in old town pasadena. i've known this for months, am in the area all the time and yet hadn't been able to stop by to check it out. the opportunity finally presented itself last weekend as the hub and the bean and i headed out to grab lunch and meet my friend lilcee. she was taking that ginormous marc jacobs bag off my hands, and i was happy to give her the chance to scoop it up with that 20% off discount after the sale was already over.

the story behind the name of the shop, onesipkim, is cute. i don't remember the exact details, but it's simple: the owner is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. she's been "onesipkim" ever since discovering this little tidbit about herself over dinner with friends. the store is just as cute as the name and its owner:

i was bummed that we managed to pick one of her few days off for our visit. typical, huh?

she always arrives at league meetings (often late, ha! don't kill me for saying so, OSK) in her casual but ridiculously chic style, and i always feel like the biggest frump next to her. i love her and want to kick her at the same time. and if i had easy access to all this cute stuff, i bet you i still wouldn't look as put-together as she does.

i don't typically dig the whole "quotes on the wall" thing, but it was fitting here.

there were all sorts of cute little decorator touches throughout the shop. i admire folks who can throw stuff together like that and make it look awesome. if i tried that, it would just look like one hot ass mess.

while perusing the sale rack (which i always make a beeline for whenever entering any store), i found a really cute (i seem to be using that word quite a bit in this post, but it's really appropriate) and comfy-looking tunic (originally $238, down to $40!) and tried it on.

sadly, while i loved it and really wanted to scoop it up, it was just a smidge too snug around the shoulders and chest area. damn. i could've seen me in it countless times over the coming months. i was bummed to put it back on the hanger and return it to the rack. the girl who was working that day remarked that they found that items from that designer often had this same issue. i felt a little better, but not really.

i likedg the vintage board games and other decor by the fitting rooms.

on our way out, i stopped to check out the event board. the shop has been written up in quite a few big publications, including lucky magazine and a few others - impressive!

if you're in the area, definitely make a pitstop on green and check out onesipkim. my list of indie shops is growing!


  1. I passed by this little shop last weekend and was trying to figure out how they came up with that name. Cute story and super cute shop! I gotta stop in!

  2. I'd have purchased the top anyway. Looked great on you!

  3. cute shop. can't you let out the top or something like that? (not that i know anything about sewing).

  4. I kept reading the name of the store as "onesie-pipkin" which I also think would be a great name for a children's boutique. But I'm not so sure where all my extra i's came in.

  5. That is a really cute name. I'll have to check it out.


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