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Monday, May 10, 2010

lots of fun stuff

i cut up another of the hub's cast-off shirts last week. this print was too cute NOT to make an outfit for the bean with:

right? it's so fun and tropical, and i always loved when the hub would bust out of his conservative box and wear something colorful like this. i also dig the idea of having the bean wear garments made out of her daddy's gear. so after perusing the pictures on the tutorial i used for her last shirt dress, i got to work. slicing into those shirts still freaks me out a little.

and roughly an hour or so later, i had this:

i got her to try the top on for me, but she was being extra silly and i couldn't get the skirt on her for all the lollipops in the world.

i was more successful the next day, when she was more receptive to the outfit switching. "ta-da!" she said.

i even got her to try on the original shirt dress, finally hemmed properly. actually, i think it's a little too short now, but i can always put shorts underneath.

remember the passes for a free movie screening that the teen scooped up at the book festival? well, it was last week. we arrived at the americana super early (like, 2.5 hours before showtime), anticipating a line-up. of course, there was no such thing:

so we did a little shopping and then stopped for overpriced (but yummy) crepes.

the movie was cute, something MIL would totally enjoy. not a single cuss word that i can recall, pretty scenery, cheesily predictable story line. we liked it, but i'm glad it was a freebie. i'd probably have rented it from redbox in a month. heh.

and, this has nothing to do with anything at all, but the girls and i got a little gift from FIL:

in-n-out lip balm! there's strawberry shake, chocolate shake, pink lemonade, and...uh, i forget the fourth one. they smell and taste yummy, and i always dig silly novelty items like this.

lastly, vote vote vote, please! i'm getting my ass kicked right now. so sad. it all ends tonight, and while i may not necessarily have the very best top of the bunch (of course, i think so, but i'm biased), it would be super duper fun to win.



  1. Love the bean's new outfit! It's so summery. You are "kinda" inspiring me to give sewing a crack even though I sucked at Home Economics in jr. high. lol

  2. Love the Bean's new outfit. Such a great way to reuse old clothes.

  3. That shirt outfit is ADORABLE. Nice work!

  4. OMG its adorable!!!
    And she is adorable! One of the cutest little girls I've ever seen, really!

  5. I think black leggings would look SUPER cute under the original shirt dress.

  6. Okay, or white leggings, but it's doubtful you'll find them in her size, lol.

  7. cute outfit for bean.
    jealous of the lip balm.
    those crepes at the americana are huge and hard to eat but pretty yummy.
    i was tempted to put that movie on our netflix queue when it came out. no longer.

  8. Super cute outfit, I'm totally jealous of your skillz!

  9. I like the latest innovation better than the original. Maybe it's the 2 pieces which seems more versatile? Maybe the print? Either way I love it!

  10. I'm with thatgirl - I think I like this outfit even better than the first dress. So perfect for summer!


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