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Monday, July 26, 2010


going to work was a "break."

we've been living on take-out for three days and counting.

target runs are now a chore.

even after hours of packing and moving, the thimble still isn't completely empty.

mollydog has been kicking it alone there because we're not quite ready to bring her over yet.

my back (and the hub's) is KILLING me.

i got stuck with the task of packing up the rest of the teen's room. whew, what a disaster.

the time warner guy was an idiot. hence, my blogging via iPhone. grrrrr.

did I mention the ticket i got as we left the beach last week? yeah.

and now I'm sitting at kaiser waiting to be seen because I don't feel 100%, as evidenced by the slight temperature I apparently have.

but on the flip side, we've been living in the partially furnished new house now since friday! it still hasn't sunk in that we're homeowners. still pretty surreal.

and man, it's pretty freaking awesome.


  1. hugs. hope you feel better soon! and yay for the silver lining in all this, which it appears as typical of you, you are remembering despite the moving blahs (one of my most hated types of blah).

  2. yay for being an almost moved in homeowner! boo for not feeling well!!!

  3. Get better soon so you can enjoy unpacking your new pad! My husband and I just bought a house as well (closed 2 weeks ago) so I know exactly what you are talking about when you say things that used to be fun aren't anymore (but instead of Target runs, ours has been Home Depot runs because we bought a fixer).

  4. moving is so, so exhausting. i absolutely despise it! but you're in your home, that is SO awesome. Another week or so and you'll be more settled. Hang in there!

  5. boo for all the sucky parts, but YAY for being homeowners!!
    i hope you get better soon :)

  6. CONGRATS!!!.....I'm usuaolly a lurker and i think I commentd a few times. We got the keys to our new house June 23 our 3 year anniversary.....and you the 23rd of July.....YAY!!!

    Owning a home is truly awesome.......I actually LIKE cleaning MY house.....and I HATED doing any type of cleaning before.

    So happy for you!!!....hope you feel better too.

  7. Buying new furniture and decorating is so much fun :) Sorry to hear about the ticket.

  8. That whole moving thing is a total yay/boo conundrum, isn't it?! :/


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