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Friday, July 9, 2010

bitch, moan, whine, complain

against my typical glass-is-half-full outlook, here's a list of road trip bullshit:

i ran out of underwear. yeah. i was so proud of myself for not overpacking like i usually do, too. talk about biting me in the ass.

the bean's potty training, while almost done back at home, regressed in a big way. we went through more pull-ups in the last road trippin' two weeks than the last two months of effort at home.

my stupid skin rebelled against the extra sun exposure it got, breaking out into heat rashes all over. add the handful of bug bites and the constant flow of sweat from the east coast humidity and i was wan unhappy camper. hardy har har.

i found three new moles that weren't there before. after several years of skin cancer articles in glamour magazine, i'm kinda concerned - at least, enough to call for an appointment to check 'em out as soon as we get home. happy vibes and/or prayers welcome and appreciated.

the teen has cemented her stance on vacations with us...still would rather stay home and do nothing.

plus, she got a raging tan line from her tom's shoes that will take all of eternity to get rid of.

i managed to lose one of my favorite earrings.

oh, and i cracked my beloved sunglasses. the hub had bought them for me in maui during our wedding-planning visit, just three months before we got hitched. they lasted me almost five years, though - a record since i typically lose sunglasses.

i wasn't able to meet up with one of my buddies while in NYC. she even had the afternoon free, but we got so caught up in sightseeing that we lost track of time.

we managed to time our visit perfectly for an east coast heat wave that broke 11-year-old records, while it was nice and cool at home.

the grampa car we got saddled with for the majority of our drive offered zero cool features, unlike the hyundai we drove from boston to new york. at least it had a auxiliary jack for our iPods. and good god, it's a gas guzzler.

because priceline only guarantees their rooms to accommodate two adults, the hub got stuck sleeping on the floor more than once. or twice.

the teen never got to take a picture of herself "in two places at once," because the state borders were often on bridges and we couldn't stop.

the bean seems to have inherited her mother's tendency for heat rashes.

and yet, even with all of that stuff...we really did have a wonderful time (for the most part). it was definitely a trip we'll remember forever, and the good stuff FAR outweighed the not-so-good. i wouldn't trade this time with them for anything.

while there were times i wanted to strangle 'em, i sure do love my family. a lot.


  1. But...you got a bunch of cool foursquare badges that you can only get in Boston and New York, right? That's something!

  2. As my mother used to say, "vacation makes you appreciate being home!"

  3. I'm soooo with you. I see a lot of bad before I can see the good. The great thing about bad things happening is talking about it afterward to your friends and recalling the events. That part is kind of fun. ;)

  4. Sometimes you just have to vent out the bad, to really remember how much you enjoyed the good. :)

  5. Heat rashes are no fun. Crossing my fingers for you re: the moles. I'm sure it's nothing.

  6. My mom, sis & I drove from CA to DC and then to Fl and home when I was 15. Im sure at the time we could have wrapped up the trip in a similar way and at 15 I would have definitely stayed home but now it is one of my best vacation memories! Has been since my early 20s:) Glad you guys had fun and are back safely!

  7. I think you'll look back on the trip and love having those memories - even the crazy and/or tiresome ones. Even the teen. Talk to her in a few years and me thinks she'll remember the trip with more rose-colored glasses. ;)


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