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Saturday, July 3, 2010

i got into harvard law. what, like it's hard?

after spending our morning around boston (more on that later), we connected with my friend trish and her husband to have a tour of harvard university and then head out to dinner.

we got there a little early and poked around a little as we waited.
i may or may not have changed out of my orange tank top i'd worn earlier that day into a pink tee, in honor of elle woods (of course)!
 the grounds were beautiful.  and, more importantly, organic.  heh.

when trish and her hub arrived, we started our tour.

she explained that all tenured professors got their portraits hung on this wall:

we headed into the library to look around.

looked in this room, which houses all sorts of harvard-related antiques and is used for mixers and other social gatherings:

then she took us into an especially quiet corner of the library, where she pointed at these:

pulled this one out:
 and flipped through it to show us this:

we thought this was super cool.  heh.

after we were done in the library, we headed across campus and through these gates into harvard yard:

after learning that we wanted to scoop up souvenir tees, she led us here:

there were lots and lots of cute options to choose from for everyone.

the bean couldn't care less and played hide-and-seek with us.

maybe one day i'll rock this one:

we headed off campus to enjoy some seafood at a trish & hub favorite.

their rolls were fabulous.  fresh, hot, soft, delicious.

the teen chose the "vegetarian box," which we were amused to find was literally a box full of noodles and mixed veggies.  the plate was set on the table with a chinese-style take-out box upside down on it, and the server pulled it off with a flourish to reveal the goodies inside.

i'd gone with the crabmeat-stuffed jumbo shrimp.  they were just meh, but i was more interested in the company than the food anyway.

when dinner was over, we decided to walk it off with a quick trip to a nearby park.

and to cap off the night, they took us to this fantastic ice cream shop right next to the campus.  oh, it was so good.

the bean enjoyed a taste of everyone's picks and then threw on her new sweater.

somehow, the teen and i managed to sneak off with trish for a girls' night out - at the movie theater, for the midnight premiere of eclipse, the newest twilight movie.  we got there with two hours to spare (anticipating crazy crowds, which we were shocked to find didn't exist) and chattered and giggled as we waited.

it was such a fun way to wrap up our time with her, since we'd all thought we wouldn't get to see the movie anytime soon.  funny how things work out, huh?


  1. I am super jealous that you got to see Trish!! The Harvard library looks incredible. Love the yearbook pictures. How special.

  2. Ummm, please allow me to include the disclaimer that I look like absolute ass for a reason. I was doing community service with The Firm at a freakin' UN-AIR CONDITIONED WAREHOUSE and it was like, 90+ and humid. I don't normally roll around town looking homeless as I do in this picture.

    Otherwise, <3 the recap. So good to see you and the fam!

  3. I grew up with JP Licks....SO good! Glad you liked it.


  4. omg Baracki looks so cute!!

    And holy handbags I LOVE JP LICKS!

  5. I still have my Harvard sweatshirt that I wore religiously while Jim was there. Made me feel closer to him while he was far, far away. Sniff. :(

    I'm so glad you gals were able to meet up and hang out!! So fun!!


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