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Thursday, July 1, 2010

takin' off, sucka!

day one was hectic. after frantically finishing the packing and dropping mollydog off, we headed off towards LAX and my mom's house. she lives nearby and we were leaving the car at their place after she took us to the airport. of course, there was major traffic in the tunnel to LAX and my stepdad ended up guiding us around it, leaving moms at home. the pri-YES only holds so many peeps.

strapping the bean into the ol' carrier made walking through the airport super easy:

we picked up some lunch:

we hoovered it up, hopped on board and were stoked to find on-board wi-fi available:

happy campers:

for take-off, the bean happily accepted a lollipop:

she fell asleep and stayed that way for a full two hours:

i love flying.

we had a quickie stop in philly. so much so that this is all we saw of it...for now, anyway.

hello, boston!

our home for the next two nights. thank you, priceline.


next stop: newport (after stopping to visit the witches in salem)!


  1. nutter? bwahahahaha. sorry, philly.

    all i remember about newport is eating overpriced, meh seafood. and driving by a few mansions. i'm sure your recap will be more interesting.

  2. Did the bean not have to ride in a car seat on the plane?? Hope you are having fun :)

  3. The picture of the Bean on the plane makes her look so grown-up. How can she possible be this old already?? Hope you guys are enjoying your trip!

  4. Man, I bet if you're the size of the bean, sleeping on a plane is actually somewhat enjoyable. Heh.


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