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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i could have DIED!

okay, so there are other important things i need to blog about, but this one is serious, dang it.

you already know how much i love my new job.  like, tons and tons.  and one of the fun perks is that the boss often buys us breakfast or lunch, which is fabulous, right?  food is definitely the fast track to my heart.  

this morning, one of the guys handed me a warm, foil-wrapped package.  i said "ooh, what's this?" thinking it was a breakfast burrito, and he said "it's a surprise!" grinned, and took off on some errands.  i usually set it aside till later, because the last thing i want is to have a mouth full of grub and then a customer walks in.  awkward.  but my co-worker, rock-ell2, said "it's a breakfast sandwich from corner bakery.  try to eat it while the eggs are still warm."  

so i did.  i took a few bites, munched happily, and on about the fourth bite, i chomped down on something really hard.  i thought maybe it was a bone of some sort (which was really stupid, considering there wasn't any meat in there), but i spit everything out into my hand and when i riffled through to figure out what it was, this is what i found:


surprise, indeed.  i flipped out.  "OHMYGODIFOUNDAFREAKINGRAZORINMYSANDWICH!" i shrieked to rock-ell2.  i washed it off, we looked at it for a few seconds, and then i showed it to the boss.  she immediately picked up the phone to call corner bakery.  

and apparently, they were less than sympathetic.  when she explained the situation to the manager on duty, he calmly said "oh, it must be from our tomato dicer."  and he said it with no hesitation - as if it had happened before.  mothereffer.  she asked him what he planned to do about it, and all she got was "oh, well, we'll just have to throw those eggs out."

all i could think of was, what if it'd been a little kid who might not have known to spit it out and swallowed it instead?  that shit could've torn up their insides and killed somebody!  as we were talking about it, one of our regular customers walked in with her little girl.  the boss filled her in on what had happened, and she flipped the fuck out (almost more than i did):  "we go there for breakfast every sunday!  we're never going there again.  they need to be shut down!"  

boss still had a sack full of about 3 or 4 more sandwiches, and she packed 'em up and hopped in the car to take them back and demand a full refund.  after she left, the customer called back and suggested that we report the incident to the health department.  i decided to call as soon as my shift ended, but no more than an hour later, i answered a phone call from our health inspector.  turns out she'd taken matters into her own hands and called them herself.  heh.  he asked me a few questions and then informed me that he was sending a representative over to talk to us.

about 15 minutes later, he showed up.  and as we started talking, boss walked in.  she'd spoken to the manager (or, more accurately, bitched his ass out in front of a restaurant full of customers), who had replaced the blade for the defective tomato dicer.  she asked him if it was just the one blade missing, and he pulled the thing out of the trash, showed it to her, and said "oh, no, there's a whole row missing."  

um, there were about twelve freaking blades per row on there.  what. the. fuck.

supposedly, he'd checked the dicer first thing that morning, and it was fine.  so there are eleven other people out there who might have swallowed a freaking razor blade.  awesome.

and he still didn't understand why she was so pissed off at him.  "ma'am, we threw the eggs out and sent the person who handled it home for the day.  those are already extreme measures.  what else do you want me to do?"

unbelievable.  so, for my local peeps out there, a warning:  DO NOT EAT AT CORNER BAKERY ON LAKE AVENUE IN PASADENA.  

i'm thankful that i didn't get hurt, but man, i'm really effing pissed off.  not that it happened - yeah, it was bad and super negligent on their part, but the worst of it is that manager's cavalier attitude towards it all.  even the health inspector said that it was a big deal - although he couldn't shut 'em down.  all he could do was go over there and give them a warning or some lame shit like that.

with their corporate office in texas, it's too late to call and tell them how much that store manager sucks.  but you better believe i'm on the phone first thing tomorrow.  hmph.


  1. Skip the phone. Write a letter.

    That is beyond unacceptable.

  2. I second the write to corporate.

    Don't know what's worse, the negligence or their reaction...

    I'm angry on your behalf.

  3. That is totally unacceptable. I'd be writing to them in addition to the phone call!

  4. I am pissed for you and I'm across the country! Write a letter as soon as you can and give them a call in the morning.

  5. horrible! can't believe 12 blades were missing! the person who diced those tomatoes should be fired!

  6. First off, I am SO SO glad nothing serious happened to you. I AM SO PIST about this and it scares the bageebus out of me that this happened. Livid. So livid.

  7. I'm so glad you're okay! I definitely will not be eating there again! I agree with the comments above, you should definitely write a letter to corporate and see what happens.

  8. after you contact the corporate office, you should put a review on yelp!

    i'm glad you're ok, and didn't eff up your mouth.

  9. holy crap dude! i don't even know what to say..that's some effed up shit! i'm glad you didn't swallow it.. that would've been no bueno!!

  10. I am SO glad that you're safe and I fear for the people who may have the other 11 blades in their sandwiches. This is so scary! What an effed up manager. You should definitely write to corporate and cc the BBB, health dept, or something.

  11. NOT OK.

    But I am so glad you are OK. Like you said, someone could have been seriously hurt or killed! I've never eaten there and now never will. Agree w/ everyone else...write a letter.

  12. Glad you are okay. So scary. So wrong.

  13. Girl, I would be emailing the news stations about this too! What a blatant disregard for health! Glad we don't have one of those near us...wow!

  14. Thank you so much for letting me know! I am sorry that the manager was so not affected by what happened major violation

  15. I'm glad you didn't die. Cuz moms are not allowed to die.

  16. Yelp! your story.


  17. Or write it on their FB page:


  18. FFS, that is HORRIBLE!! I can't believe the manager's attitude about it. They pitched a bigger fit when I got the wrong pastry item and it was put in the incorrect bag. Dude. :/


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