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Friday, July 30, 2010

wan sweet inspiration.

as if that's news.  heh.

yesterday at work, while finishing up the prep work for the day's supply of goodies (we typically have about fifteen different [rotating] flavors available on a daily basis), the boss asked me what it was that i brought every morning in my starbucks cup.

of course, it's my grande iced nonfat upside-down caramel macchiato.

she laughed at my enormous sweet tooth - she always chuckles when i leave for the day with at least one cupcake in hand.  you'd think i'd be sick of 'em by now, having worked there for over a month now.  but nope - i just can't get enough of that delicious, moist (that word is okay ONLY when used to describe luscious dessert) chocolate cake.

anyway, with one batch of chocolate cupcakes still to frost, she decided to experiment and create a new flavor based on my drink of choice.  she poked holes in the tops of the cupcakes and filled them with sweetened whipped cream, frosted the top with coffee-flavored whipped cream, gave it a swirl of caramel and sprinkled chocolate bits on top.  voila!

i was the lucky taste-tester (the fact that i'm not yet sick of cupcakes probably had something to do with it), and although the coffee flavor was really subtle, the whole combo was really, really good.

and i sold the shit outta those things.  with no sign on the board that described it, customer after customer inquired about the scrumptious-looking mystery flavor.  i rattled off a full description of the tasty treat, and they ate that shit up.  literally.

i sure hope she makes them again.  mmmm.

oh, before i forget - so, i've come across all sorts of great baby stuff that's either brand new or maybe used once or twice.  there's a set of babylegs, a beco butterfly carrier,  a cute little plastic battery-operated chandelier.  i'm kind of debating doing a "blog sale," kind of like the ones done by a fellow blogger who a bunch of us all know and love.  heh.

anyway, is that a super duper lame idea?  i could put it all out at a yard sale, but i just think some of you might appreciate these items more than some randoms shopping for shit that costs them $.25 or something.

gimme a "yay" or a "nay" in a comment, wouldja?  and do you love how i base my decisions on responses from my internet friends?


  1. (Lurker from MM here). Sweet new cupcake flavor! I would dig a Wan sale and am specifically interested in the Beco and the baby legs.

    If you decide not to do one, try posting your stuff at www.hyenacart.com/spotscorner . It gets tons of hits and I've seen both of those items sell well there. It's cheap too- $2.50 for unlimited listings for 15 days (or it least it was the last time I used it).

  2. I don't comment much but yes please list because I'm pregnant and would totally be interested in buying some of those things!

  3. And where was this delicious new cupcake concoction yesterday? Hmmmm? Kidding. Thanks for bringing treats. :)

    Re the blog sale, I don't think it's lame at all, but it sounds like a real pain in the ass.

    It's one thing to mail one winner of a giveaway. It's a whole different beast to be shipping a crapload of stuff.

    Your Negative Friend

  4. I think you should let me buy the beco carrier from you for cheap :) Overall Im with WeezerMonkey, sounds like shipping would be a pain in the arse and really do you need to add anymore to the heap that is already on your plate?

    Just sayin!

    Okay, love you bye. Seriously, let me know about the carrier.

  5. If you need more suggestions, try using lavender syrup.. so so good with any fruit flavor. Went to a lavender farm last Friday and tasted a dessert with fresh lavender syrup. Glorious!

  6. I definitely think you'd get more money for them on a blog sale than you would doing a yard sale. :)

  7. Words will never be capable of expressing my cupcake envy. That new flavor and visual caused my mouth to instantly pool with saliva.

    Blog sale doesn't sound lame to me, I do think the shipping would be a pain though. If you can figure out the least painless way possible to do it, I say go for it.

  8. Hmmm that cupcake sounds so heavenly.

    While I have no use of a baby sale (or baby stuff sale, I should say), I think it'll be a relatively easy way to make some money off of stuff you no longer need. You get good traffic to your blog and it'll just cost you time to set it up, so why not? (but save me the bopper pillow thing please! :)

  9. I brought in a box of cupcakes for my birthday earlier this month and there are now several new Dots lovers in the office. :) Oh, and they're local peeps, so they plan to drop in often. That "mystery" flavor sounds delish!


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