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Monday, August 2, 2010

time flies when you're having fun. sort of.

good god, it's august already.  yikes!  we have less than six months till the holiday season, folks.  and the teen is squeezing as much fun as possible into her last few weeks of summer vacation.  school starts again on the 24th.  where did the time go?

okay, i'm stoked to see that the idea of a blog baby sale is getting more "yay"s than "boo"s.  hee hee!  i'm working on gathering all the stuff worthy of such an event, and as soon as i can find the freaking cord to download pictures from my camera, we's in business.  not to mention, our internet isn't getting connected till wednesday.  boo.  um, don't ask me how i'm posting this right now.  heh.

in the meantime, a recap of my weekend, via iPhone dump.

the bean is definitely coming out of her shell at last.  at gymnastics this week, she was little miss social butterfly, scooting over to sit next to the other girls, chatting them up ("hi! my name is bean. how are you today?").  she's even getting bolder with trying everything out in the obstacle courses set up for their classes, and *gasp* letting go of the hub's hand when walking across the beam or going for a ride in the rope swing.  if we'd known that all it took was going on vacation...well, maybe we'd have gone sooner.  heh.

we managed to unearth the wii system, hook it up, and play a new favorite game:  just dance.  of course, i'm still an awful dancer, but i sure have a blast playing this against the teen.  even brother wan and his girlfriend had fun with it, and i was particularly stoked to beat the teen during a song that i OWN:

i attended my second phototasting event this weekend, too.  the goal was to go and be their assistant, while maybe picking up a few more tips and tricks here and there - but i ended up getting there about 15 minutes late because of stupid traffic.  wah wah.  i consoled myself with a lovely plate of imported buffalo mozzarella, beautifully sliced prosciutto, and lightly dressed arugula as i attempted to help as much as i could.  

the hub's grampa went in for knee replacement surgery on friday, and we headed to kaiser to visit him a couple of days later.  he's doing quite well and is expected to come home early this week.  he was pleased to see us drop by for a visit, and the hub entertained the bean with various items around the room.

and in the meantime, unpacking and organizing hell continues.  gah!


  1. The bean looks all grown up and so pretty in the last picture! I need to get this dance game that you have! Sounds like fun.


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