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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

no more! i need peace!

so, remember ages and ages ago when i got that stupid ass ticket on my way to meet up with the teen's counselor at school?  well, i'd signed up for traffic school and then completely forgot about it until i checked the calendar and realized that the deadline to get it done was, uh, yesterday.  d-oh!

and of course, our internet isn't getting connected until wednesday.  mothereff.  but as luck would have it, FIL has wireless internet for his laptop that works everywhere with a little plug-in thingy.  and he's always given me unlimited access to it whenever i ask for it.  i tried doing it with the iPad for a while, but i was stuck with text-only and it froze up a few times, so i sucked it up and borrowed the laptop.  i finally finished that ish on sunday afternoon, and got confirmation first thing yesterday morning that the completion certificate was faxed over.  phew.

to add to my current woes, i got a jury duty summons.  gah!  i've always managed to successfully dodge my civic duty - the last time i got called, i was still nursing the bean and couldn't be away from her for more than a couple of hours at a time.  this time, i have no way out unless i miraculously get dismissed.  why is it that i never got called when i wanted to (like, when i was working in a corporate environment that paid 100% for as long as i was needed in court), but when i can't really afford to do it?  blech.

i also got my official DMV notice that my driver's license expires on my birthday this year.  but at least the bright spot was that i can renew via internet and i don't have to take a new picture.  yay!  i remember spending an hour on my hair the last time i had to go in, and this license is actually pretty cute.  although i guess it doesn't really look like me anymore, as it wasn't long after our wedding and my hair was super duper long.  oh, well, whatever.  i get to keep my cute license!

the blog baby sale is still in the works.  don't lose faith - i keep finding more fun stuff to add to it, and i'm trying to figure out the best way to do it.  i'll likely just post pics of the items with a description if it's not obvious, and what i paid for it, and y'all can just make me an offer.  first offer takes it.  sound fair?

the mail also brought a fat envelope from the teen's school - registration for the new school year is in two weeks.  yikes!  where did the summer go??  even though we did the awesome road trip extravaganza (which i still have yet to finish recapping), it doesn't seem like we really did a lot, compared to other summers.  of course, we did have the big move to the new casa (still ongoing).

oy.  too much crap happening all at once.  i need another vacation.


  1. The chances of actually getting impaneled are pretty slim!

  2. I have jury duty too! Mine is on 8/16 in downtown LA. If by some chance yours is the same, let's lunch!

  3. I don't get it . . . so you'll take the first offer regardless of how much it is? What if someone just offers you a penny for each item?

  4. That's what happened to me - totally forgot my stupid traffic school deadline. And I realized way too late that since I've done it before, I had to actually go to a friggin 12 hour class. Lame.

  5. Just to vent - my traffic ticket STILL hasn't been filed by the officer, so I have to go in next week so that they can note that I tried to take care of it, but it was never filed. The freaking cop then has A WHOLE EFFING YEAR to file it before it disappears forever. Bloody hell, I'm so pissed!


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