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Friday, August 13, 2010

effed up friday

i am so freaking irritated.

i sat through hours and hours of jury duty yesterday, got called up in the last group to be questioned by the attorneys, thought i'd be good to go.

um, no. halfway through the questioning, the judge broke for the evening and instructed us to return today at 9. mothereff.

not to mention, if i get picked for the jury, trial is next week - the teen's last week of summer vacation. and we had fun activities planned for each day.

and then, when i got home, i expected time warner to have come and gone, leaving wonderfully fast internet installed all nice and neat. they were scheduled to arrive between 1 and 3. but somehow, they managed to fuck that up too. when the doorbell rang at 5:30, FIL and i lined up to ream the guy a new asshole. even better, he claimed to be a supervisor. heh. who STILL couldn't accomplish what we needed - install the freaking internet without leaving wires and cables running exposed all up and down the walls. good gracious.

he ended up leaving with his tail tucked between his legs, and after letting the hub know what had happened, i'm pretty sure that dude got an earful from him too. now they're supposed to be back today, and i swear to all that is holy, if that shit isn't done when i get home from that courthouse, heads are gonna freaking roll.

i haven't been this frustrated in a long time. damn.


  1. Sorry, Wan! I would be frustrated too.

  2. holy crap!! i hope for their sake, they get your internet installed and nothing else F's up! yikes!

  3. I just got a jury duty summons. Hope the internet is up when you get home.

  4. BOO! So sorry & hope everything gets better!

  5. Dude, I'm on call for jury duty next week.

    I plan on claiming that I hate everybody. Which is really not that far from the truth.

  6. I'm shocked that it's been such an ordeal for ya'll to get internet service!! Booooo!


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