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Thursday, August 19, 2010

and so it begins.

serious party nazi mode here.  with the toy story theme in mind, i've been scouring the interwebz for ideas on how to make it a super cute party on a budget.  it's also my goal to incorporate the theme as much as i can without commercializing it too much - like, no preprinted paper plates and napkins and goody bags and stuff like that.  i want it to look really cool, but not cheesy, you know?

and one of the things i'm currently obsessed with is bakerella's toy story cake pops.  i've done her cake balls/cupcake pops before and am pretty familiar with the basic process - but never really done the intricate, detailed decorating before.  observe:

seriously, how cute are those??  and with the cake and candy supply store now just around the corner, it's super easy to gather the supplies and give it a go. 

of course, being a dork to the nth degree. i woke up in the middle of the night and realized that it would be a great idea to take home a leftover cupcake or two after a shift at dot's, smush it up and make a few cake balls out of it, and do a test run to see how hard it would be to make these mini potato heads. 

stay tuned.  you know i'll have a report within the next couple of days.  heh.


  1. The dipping part is so hard! I admire her skills. Whatever you do, don't skip the step where tap the balls on the side of the dish like a crazy person. I've only made them once and I'll never, ever do it again!
    Good luck and God speed to you ;)

  2. if you can replicate those, i will forever be your #1 fan. the party planning sounds like so much fun. last year we did an elmo theme for our son but it was subtle and very cute. nothing preprinted, all DIY. good luck, looking forward to the update!

  3. Ok my idea of copying everything you do for this party is out the window. There is no way in hell I could make those. But if you are successful, I would totally pay you to make some for me, if you wanted to. :)

  4. Great idea! Have you seen the Toy Story Alien Cupcake? Definitely DIY. One of our girls from the nest did it for her son's birthday -I was there and the cupcake was yummy! Will try to send link ;)

  5. I dig this theme! I'm sure everything is going to be super cute. Can't wait to read about your attempt on these cake balls.

    Heh. Balls.

  6. My CW is having the same theme for her daughter's 4th birthday party next weekend. Such a fun theme!


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