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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

stuff i love

being able to blog even though we still don't have internet at home. thank goodness for 3G on the iPad. i miss adding visual aids and links, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

my new 'do. whee! i love having cute hair.

wedges by tom's shoes. i haven't gotten my hands on a pair yet, but pics tweeted by my buddy nabum have convinced me that i must get some, stat! maybe they'll be on my birthday list. plus, for every pair purchased of tom's shoes, the company donates a pair to a needy child. so full of win.

speaking of which, i'm stoked that birthday princess day is next month! are you ready? i sure am!

playing "just dance" on the wii with the teen. we're a little obsessed with that darn game, and find ourselves playing every day. it leaves me one sweaty ass monkey, so i'm totally counting it as a workout. heh.

seeing the hub's smile when he walks in the door of our new house every day after work. we're still in that fun, surreal phase of first-time home ownership, and it's just awesome. the joint is still in a shambles, but with the carpet finally coming this weekend, methinks the decor and furniture arranging will kick into high gear soon.

plastic storage/organizing boxes. i might be a wee bit obsessed with the idea of keeping everything all nice and neat in its own little spot, from shoes to cereal to our stash of travel-sized toiletries. if i even breathe the words "label maker," though, handcuff me to a chair or something.

foursquare. it's super silly, but i'm really stuck on checking in to all sorts of local establishments in my quest for badges and mayorships. i chalk it up to my competitive "only child" syndrome.

the bean amazes us every day with her ever-growing vocabulary and sentence structure. she's just such a cute little person now, and has really been emerging from her shell (at last!). she's been more vocal and sociable at her twice-weekly library storytime visits and a much more active participant at gymnastics class. i dig when we're out and she says "i wanna go to my new house, pweese." and when she whispers "i love you too, mommy" at bedtime, i melt.

ooh! she's quadrilingual now - MIL taught her how to count from 1-10 in german! i've gotta get that with the flip soon.

even mollydog has been extra endearing lately. she's been so confused lately with all the goings-on, but she's done a great job of adjusting (knock on wood).

i'm also considering taking a course to become certified as a medical coder. one of my aunts is currently taking it, and knows several folks who've passed the certification test and signed contracts to work from home for $25-$35/hour. i'm still debating and researching, because it truly sounds too good to be true. and we all know what to expect in situations like that. I just want to make sure it's something that makes sense for me.

i still love my job. no further explanation necessary. oh, and the boss is still mulling over an offer from a super persistent casting person who's trying to get us on "cupcake wars." i don't watch the show, so...got any feedback on that for me to pass on?

the new year of junior league is in full swing! i'm on the fundraising committee, which means that i get to help plan our annual "chocolate chip ball." it's our yearly gala and i had to miss it this year, so i made sure i would HAVE to go next year. heh. plus, some of my favorite JLPers are on the committee with me.

speaking of JLP, we'll be holding several open house events in the next couple of months to attract new members ("provisionals"). if you're local and have even a tiny bit of interest, let me know and i'll pass on the details! it's a great group of women working to better the community at large, and it's really a lot of fun. you already know how much i love it.

last but definitely not least, the blog baby sale will happen for sure! as winnie pointed out, my initial idea doesn't make much sense. i guess what i should do is post the minimum price i'll accept for each item, set a deadline, and the highest offer takes it.

if you have a better idea, let's hear it. i'm always open to suggestions!


  1. Hey isnt your Brother a label maker?


  2. I meant to comment on your previous post about the baby blog sale but, I'm totally keeping my eyes out for it! :)

  3. oh wait, it's "blog baby sale"... you know what I mean. ;)

  4. Cupcake Wars is the bomb diggity. Maybe only for people who are freakishly obsessed with cupcakes like me, but still it's a must watch. Tell your boss to do it! It's great publicity!!

  5. So much fun stuff!

    Buying a new house definitely puts the organization bug in me. I follow some great blogs that have given me awesome ideas. Too many to tackle, actually. :)

    I've never watched cupcake wars but speaking from a selfish point of view, I don't want Dots to get like Sprinkles. I love how it still has that neighborhood feel. I realize that it would help business tremendously though, so in that case, DO IT.

    I would definitely be interested in JLP if I had the time. Seems like an amazing organization! I just remember seeing that picture of your first year events. Whoooa Nelly!

  6. yay for all the great things going on in your life right now!!! i bet you're constantly floating on cloud 9.

    also..i too LOVE just dance..i OWN at step by step!! think my top score is a little over 20k. ohh and did you know just dance 2 comes out in october??!?!?! i'm sooooo stoked about that..woo hoo!

  7. (1) I must look into this just dance game.
    (2) Have fun decorating your new home! Someone gave me a label maker, I stupidly loaned it to someone else and that person never gave it back to me :( :( :(
    (3) Medical coding sounds like such a boring job. You can do much more fun things IMO.
    (4) I didn't mean to sound so harsh on my comment re: your blog sale. Well, you know what I mean.

  8. I am addicted to foursquare toooooo!

    I have got to see these Tom's wedges that everyone's talkin' bout.

  9. I was going to tell you to ask Winnie to borrow her label maker, but looks like that's not an option anymore. :/


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