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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

when will life be back to normal?

praise the lawd and hallelujah, we finally have internet at home!  it only took four weeks and about 65 increasingly frustrated and annoyed phone calls back and forth with time warner.  oy vey.


but of course, we've been so busy with other shit.  between my jury duty and getting the teen ready for school and continuing with the bean's potty training and keeping the dog from shitting and pissing on the new carpet (which finally came after two weeks of living in limbo), i've had zero time to get the office organized or even find my cords for uploading photos and whatnot.  ugh.  i actually had no camera for about two weeks, because the battery died and i couldn't find the charger.  'twas like i was missing a limb.

the jury duty has been helpful in the way of party planning for the bean's 3rd birthday bash.  i've found all sorts of super fun party blogs and websites, and now i have so many ideas that i don't know how i'm going to narrow them down.  i've also stumbled across a couple of new blogs that were so fun to read and had so many goodies to tackle (how about orange and birthday girl) that i seriously sat there and read them all the way back to their very first posts.  i now have so many fun projects and websites to reference for all sorts of stuff from cool free fonts to sewing tutorials to silly personality tests, i'll never have time to do them all.  yikes.

i'm on a two-day break from jury duty, which makes my boss happy, and i'm hoping to finish up next week.  and after i've been cleared from keeping my big mouth shut about it all, oh boy, have i got some fun observations to share.  heh.

in the meantime, i leave you with a couple of funny pictures from my phone.

happy hump day!


  1. Oh, I love How About Orange! I've bookmarked a ton o' great projects from there!

  2. Another How About Orange reader reporting to duty :) I <3 that blog. These two pictures are hilarious.


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