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Thursday, August 5, 2010

everybody's talking about it

by now, unless you live under a rock (or maybe outside of cali, heh), you'll have heard the news about prop 8 being overturned by a federal judge. it's been all over my twitter feed and facebook page, and it's pretty awesome. well, aside from the incredibly judgmental replies from random people that have irritated the crap outta me.

i mentioned in my own facebook status update that although i don't generally like to talk politics, i had to throw my $.03 (of course, i think my opinion is worth more than average). i truly don't understand why anyone cares what other people do, especially if it has ZERO impact on their own lives. and my friend jessica also pointed out that it's not even a political issue (at least, it shouldn't be) - it's a basic human right.

seriously, folks, can't we all just get along? it's not the first time that a judge has overturned something that won by majority vote, and god knows it sure won't be the last. not to mention, i'm pretty damn sure that if prop 8 hadn't passed in the first place, the other side would've appealed the shit outta that.

just let people love who they love and be free to marry whoever they want to. who cares? it doesn't make your marriage/relationship any less meaningful. and if it somehow does, well, that's on you, now isn't it?


  1. I'm with you, I was happy to hear it was overturned.

  2. long time lurker/reader, first time commenting.

    just wanted to say that i wholeheartedly agree! i live in iowa and the flames of hell haven't burned us up yet for legalizing gay marriage. :)

    people who don't support it have way too much time on their hands!


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